Thermal Printing with a Zebra Portable Printer

Interested in learning about thermal zebra portable printers? Their portable printer units are fantastic for small and large business owners who want to increase productivity and efficiency by streamlining their business transactions.

To start with they increase the work effectiveness of your working employees.  From its bar code label printing and receits receipts to its ticket printing, it will help you keep track of your business.  The mobile printers from Zebra will help you in keeping track of goods, purchases and much more.  You will get precise information from your employees on location and on demand – even if they work away from your main area of operation, simply.  This is all due to the portable printer allowing them to print the receipts or tickets they need to run your  business to its full.

Utilizing Advanced Thermal Printing Technology


Zebra printers don’t need ink cartridges so you can save a lot of money using them and all thanks to wireless thermal portable printers for you to improve and streamline your warehouse and all clerical work as well as the employees on the floor.

Just remember that thermal devices are unable to print any colors except red, and this is use generally for signalling – they’re very much monochrome (black and white) printers.

Concise Zebra Thermal Printers Reviews


Here are two in-depth looks at some really good printers from Zebra – Just remember that Printer Reviews are incredibly important for finding out the right product for you:

1)  Zebra RW 420 R4A RULB

The thermal mobile printer here will print up to 4.08 inch wide labels or receipts when is required either stationary or on the go.  Saving time is important in a business and with the portable zebra printer it’s even easier.  It allows you to print and hence function quicker in the field meaning time and hence money is saved.  It has a very durable construction meaning that it has a rubber outer body.

This mean it’s protected from drops, spills and dust – it is designed for hard work and constant use.  The printing kit comes with a battery charger, belt clip, 12Mb of memory and a USB attachment.  It costs around $799.00.

Zebra Portable Printer

Zebra Portable Printer

2)  Zebra RW 220 Mobile Printer LUR

This mobile printer by zebra can produce up to 2 inch receipts and labels allowing you to keep track of business at all times, accuratly and effectively.  It comes with advanced thermal portable printing capabilities and its printing information is input via USB, Bluetooth or 802.11 wireless interfaces.  These abilities make this device amazing for all mobile setups.

It has a print speed of  around 2.8 inches per second and it it possible to purchase an optional built-in magnetic stripe reader or smart card reader.  It costs around $839.99.  One thing you have to make sure when you’re buying a Bluetooth portable printer is that is either comes with Bluetooth pre-installed or you’ve got to be willing to buy a specific adapter depending on the model.

Most people make the unwarranted assumption that if it’s ‘wireless’ or ‘Bluetooth’ that it comes with the printer already – and actually in most cases they don’t.

Zebra Mobile Printer

Zebra Mobile Printer

A business that isn’t growing is dying, and new technology lead to great implications as to your business.  By purchasing the latest in business management technology you are setting yourself and your business up for a bright future.  Only through adaption and realisation can your company grow and expand as it should.

Zebra Portable Printer

Zebra Portable Printer

This type of lightweight, portable wireless printer technology can be incredibly useful not just for businesses but many aspects of life.  Just remember that thermal printers in general are smaller, cost less, use less power and make far less noise than regular printers.  What’s more is they actually print much quicker which is what most people tend not to realize, there’s a reason they’re used for printing out receipts and it’s because they’re quick and easy.

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If you’re interested in learning more about thermal portable printers, or the other types of printing technology, then we suggest you check out wireless portable photo printers for further details.

We provide up-to-date information on wireless connectivity options as well as the breaking news affecting the world of portable printing.

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