Wireless Printer Servers – everything you need to know

Wireless Printer Servers are a way of connecting your wireless printer to your wireless internet.  This means that at any moment, you can have a device, usually a computer or laptop which has access to the wireless network – and which can print from it rapidly.

This connection to the wireless network the printer is attached to means that in fact any computer, laptop or device connected to the same network can then use this printer to print whatever they need.  This is assuming that the person’s device has been given access to use the printer, which can be implemented, or it can be left so that anyone able to connect to the network can use it.

Wireless printer servers can be very useful in offices which tend to require large amount of printing services.  It is no longer required that each computer needs a printer, but infact only a small amount of wireless printers would be necessary and so money could be saved when considering this.  To be able to create this wireless print server, you first may have to buy a special modem connecting the printers via usb ports to the wireless printer modem.  This means that the printers are connected via cables to the modem perhaps in one room.  But the computers themselves don’t need to be connected to them.  This doesn’t just have office applications, but in a family household, if there’s a family all needing to print information out.  There isn’t the need to carry around usb sticks, you can print it effortlessly and wirelessly in just a few seconds.

Services such as Linksys Wireless print servers are what one could presume to be an early type of wireless printer.  They do need wires to connect to the wireless printer modem to start with but from there, no wires are needed from computer to printer.

Wireless printers are the next step up it would seem from wireless printer servers.  In this sense, there is no need for the printer to use cable to attach to a printer modem.  There is no need for a printer modem full stop.  What a wireless portable printer does is use either a pre-existing wireless connection, blue tooth, or its own inbuilt miniature wireless connection to connect to a device, generally a laptop to then receive the information on what to print.  Personally I believe that anything made wireless is a step up, and wireless portable printer a step up even further because this creates ultimate flexibility.


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