Wireless Portable Printing Tips

When it comes to printing tips with your wireless portable printer I’d recommend a few little tricks which can be very important.  To start with most of these portable printers are inkjet printers which mean they use ink heads.  If you’ve used an older inkjet printer before this problem should sound familiar and it’s with regards to the ink drying out.

Essentially what happens is someone buys a mobile printer but doesn’t use it as much as it recommended.  They buy it as a cool new toy without necessarily realizing that they need to use it for the printer itself to remain intact.  Without use every week or two – although this figure does differ from device to device the ink heads will dry out.  The ink itself drys out and begins to crack and it makes the printer unusable until you can re moisten and sort the problem out.  A little rubbing alcohol will work well in removing the dried ink, but beware this isn’t a problem to let come to you.  There’s an incredibly high chance that you’re going to waste a lot of ink in the process of cleaning your ink heads.  The printer will need to run several self cleans (if it has this function and most modern ones do), and also it’ll have to print of numerous unclear prints as it tests itself over and over again until eventually you get back to the level it was at.

Just be warned you can potentially lose a lot if this problem occurs, both in terms of ink, time and believe me stress.  Also a lot of the printer companies have pretty terrible customer support – mainly it’s Hewlett-Packard where the ‘help’ there is a joke.  I’ve personally spent hours on the phone of several issues and come to no avail and they’re simply at desks, reading of screens and transferring you to various other people about your wireless or portable printer issue.

Another tip is to make sure that you’re far more careful with your mobile printer than you are most other mobile devices.  Even though you probably wouldn’t do this, you can comfortably throw your laptop or mobile phone onto your bed and it’ll be fine.  Most mobile devices are created to last and they’re very reliable overall.  But just remember that printer’s contain moving parts unlike laptops, tablets or other mobile devices.  They contain the inkjet head which itself is meant to move back and forth over the page when it’s printing and this means you could very easily encounter issues with compact mobile printing.

Moving around delicate moving parts is never a good idea, and as obvious as it sounds it just doesn’t occur to some people they need to be far more careful with their printer than their other mobile devices.  The first portable printers which came out were even worse because they were just scaled down versions of desktop counterparts given a battery.  Nothing was done to cater for the fact they were inevitably going to be moved about and so the printer’s paper feeder and moving parts all suffered numerous breaks.

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