Wireless portable printers for laptops help

If you’re looking for portable printers for laptops which are wireless you may very well need help in picking out the right device for you.  The truth is there’s a lot of confusion caused specifically by sellers which don’t clearly explain what it is you’re buying.  Find out more below.

When it comes to finding the right wireless wireless mobile printer for you the first thing you need to assess is which type of wireless connectivity you want or need.  For this you need to really be thinking about where exactly you’re going to be printing.

There are three types of wireless data transfer, I’ll start with the most popular first:  Bluetooth, wireless access points, infrared.  I’m sure you’ve heard of all of them and I’ll explain a little about how you can expect your ‘wireless’ printer to arrive.  When it comes to Bluetooth the vast majority, at least 95% plus don’t arrive with the Bluetooth installed within the device.  They’re almost always available either as Compact Flash cards or usb 2.0 dongles, and from here you plug them into your device, or in the case of some Canon’s printers you mount them inside the printer itself for ease of use.

You need to be really careful when you’re looking at what type of wireless connectivity you want to make sure it either comes with the printer or you need to buy it, in most cases you’ll need to buy Bluetooth as an add on.  On the other hand when it comes to Infrared most printers come with this already installed but if I’m being honest I’m not sure how helpful this is going to be to many people nowadays because it’s far less commonplace then it used to be which is probably why they’re included for ‘free’.  Finally their’s access to wireless access points (WiFi) such as in bars, hospitals, airports or most likely your own home.  These are more likely to arrive with the device but in most cases they still require an adapter similar to Bluetooth.  Just remember that these adapters are not cheap at all and can cost from 10-70 dollars so you need to make sure you account for these exorbitant prices within your budget if you’ve set one.

Next you need to look at how portable you need your printer to be, which begs the question where are you going to be using your device?  Wireless portable printers for laptops can be used in cars, trains – anywhere really, but if you’re going to be carrying it around in a rucksack all day then you’re not going to want something that’s either bulky or heavy.  You’re going to want something which is as light as possible, perhaps just 1-2 pounds if you need real mobility.  You’re also going to want something which has the dimensions of something which is very small, some thermal-based mobile printers can fit into deep pockets whereas on the other hand you couldn’t dream of fitting an inkjet based printer into your pocket.

Inkjet based printers are far more powerful in terms of core printing specifications but on the other hand their portability takes a massive blow.  They’re great for sitting in the car, or being transported from one place to another where it’ll be set up and left for awhile.  But if you’re a building site manager and want a wireless portable printer then you’ll want something more rugged, smaller and durable and in this instance an inkjet simply wouldn’t be suitable.  They’re far bulkier, more prone to breaking, and if you’re on a dusty building site I’d hazard their chances of surviving long as pretty low.

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