Wireless Portable Printer Drivers

If you want your wireless portable printerto run smoothly then making sure your computer has the correct drivers installed is paramount.

Printer drivers are in a sense similar to computer drivers in the fact that they’re critical for everything to run smoothly.  However aside from this they bare very little resemblance, and they relate to how printers translate the data your computer/mobile device sends into something the printer can understand and hence print out.

Finding drivers isn’t very difficult as some people tend to imagine.  The first method of finding them is to simple do a Google search for ‘*product name and serial code*’ followed by ‘driver’.  About fifty percent of the time you’ll be located to within one or two clicks of where you need to download the driver.  Unfortunately this doesn’t always work which means the second method of searching for a simplified version of the printer’s serial code and name followed by ‘driver’ is in order.  Remember when you search to include the manufacturer who made the device such as Canon or HP.

If these two methods don’t fail, and they should succeed most of the time – then it’s time to go straight to the manufacturer’s website.  Let’s say you’ve got a Canon device.  You Google Canon and go to their main website.  From here you follow the navigational links, usually ‘support and drivers’, and there you’ll go through the process of narrowing down all their various product drivers until you find your own driver.

Printer drivers aren’t like products which are discontinued and you’ll find a database for all of their drivers on their website without a problem.  I’ve never not been able to find a driver, but if you can’t find it the next best thing to do is to email the manufacturer stating your product device and serial code, as well as the driver you need.  If you don’t actually know which driver you need then you’ll want to tell them what device you have and which operating system it’s running so that they know what to send you.  So an example would be to send ‘Canon PIXMA iP90v inkjet mobile printer – Msi FX 420 running Windows 7 64 bi’ and they’ll definitely be able to send you what you need.

Just note that not all operating systems are supported for all devices, if the device is too old then later operating systems may not not be fully supported.  Or maybe they’ll have partial support.  Or if they’re HP’s AirPrint printers they’ll have been rushed out of production with drivers that are only capable of supporting most people and not everyone.


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