Wireless Portable Printer Disadvantages

Wireless Portable Printer disadvantages are definitely apparent, I’ve talked a lot about the advantages that they do most certainly offer, but I’d like to spend some time now talking about what I’ve found out to be weaknesses overall in the product.

For a start, one thing I’ve found with many wireless portable printers are that many are very over-priced. You can be forking out just under a thousand dollars for a wireless mobile printer that sure may have the wireless and portable abilities that work – but the printing can sometimes be seriously lacking.

What it seems many portable printers lack is the quality, a lot of manufacturers seem to forget the basics when putting these gadgets together. What the consumer needs first and foremost is a printer, of course the portable and wireless components may be necessary to that person – but if it can’t print them properly then what’s the point?

A further disadvantage I’ve found is that when purchasing one of these nifty devices, it may be possible that the printer doesn’t automatically come with the wireless connectivity. One thing I’ve noticed is that you have to make sure when you research the device, is that it not only has the ability to be a wireless portable printer model (for an extra charge!) but actually comes in the package and isn’t an extortionate accessory.

For me, there are two types of mobile wireless portable printers, the type which you can travel with possibly in a suitcase or in your car. Then there’s the type which you can carry in your pocket or in a small rucksack or hand-luggage. You need to make sure of the size and weight of your printer to make sure it can do what you want it to.

The last thing you want is to have a massive printer that you need to carry around with you, which can do a lot of fancy tricks that you don’t need. Or on the reverse side, find yourself with a small simple portable printer that doesn’t have half the things you need it to do.  It may also be worth checking out about wireless portable printer advantages.


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