Wireless Portable Printer Devices – the good and the bad

When it comes to portable printers which utilize wireless connectivity looking at both the good and bad are important to finding which devices are best suited to which people.  Find out more below.

The first thing which I don’t like about this type of technology are the hideously large costs which are incurred – both in getting the device, the accessories and then the running costs – as well as restrictions placed upon the device.

To start with the Bluetooth adapters which you need to buy if you want it to be wireless (truly wireless not infrared which is very outdated, and now WiFi which is limited to wireless access points) are exorbitantly expensive.  I sometimes quote them as being 10-70 dollars but the truth is they’re more like 50-70 dollars and I only quote low figures because they are possible to obtain second hide after a lot of searching on websites such as Amazon or Ebay.

I don’t know who thought that a few circuit boards were somehow worth 50-70 dollars but ultimately it’s profiteering of what people need – pure and simple.  If you recognize that the cost of the printer itself is around 200 dollars then simply being a tiny usb 2.0 dongle is around 25% of the overall costs.  Not only this, but you can’t even buy them internally installed in most cases so you’re stuck with a dongle sticking out of your device which an errant elbow could easily knock out and damage.

Another irritating thing is the batteries which themselves aren’t included either and can cost around 100-120 dollars for a lithium-ion battery.  These too seem rather expensive, although admittedly nowhere near the scale of the Bluetooth adapter.

As you can see the costs can mount up pretty quickly – and if you add the device itself (200 dollars), the battery (120 dollars) and then Bluetooth adapter (70 dollars) then you’re seen left with around 400 dollars spend on the printer.  Don’t even think about how much it would cost if you wanted a car charger, spare battery as well as travel case because we’re talking more than double again.

But if I’m being honest my main problems with the wireless portable printer are its prices which are on all levels designed for maximum profit in a way which only bankers could dream up.  But aside from that my gripes are limited, a few years ago I’d have far worse things to see which didn’t just reflect the unjust prices, but the products themselves – but the problems were far more endemic and far more serious.  There are still problems with the paper feeders and paper trays as well as occasionally breaks in the moving parts of the inkjet head – but overall no major problems.

These types of wireless mobile printers are the future in my opinion – and don’t you forget it.  Everything is becoming portable, flashy and wireless and there’s nothing to suggest that the same won’t happen with printers.  One day there’s going to be a world without paper, of that I have no doubts – but it’s not going to be tomorrow, the day after or in my opinion in my own lifetime.

These devices are fantastic for the needs of everyone apart from professional photographers or artists who need especially high resolution print outs – or hardcore officer workers who want to be printing hundreds of sheets out on an almost daily basis.  But for those who want a medium sized report filled with colorful high resolution images – or a decent amount of quickly printed draft quality monochrome files then this is perfect.  They’re great for the majority, but there’s no doubt in my mind that they will let down the minority.

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