Wireless Portable Printer Criticisms – why they may not be perfect for you

Now don’t get me wrong, I think that the wireless mobile printer is a revolutionary device, but like anything it has downsides and criticisms which simply must be addressed.  Find out more below.

To start with in terms of core capabilities they’re a definite downgrade from their stationary counterparts.  Now like any good technology reviewer I’m willing to see both sides of the story – if you want something which is movable you need to be willing to pay the price.  It’s not just the money you’ve got to fork out (although they’re vastly more expensive), it’s the core capabilities which take a substantial blow.

When I refer to core capabilities I’m talking about printing resolutions – the detail to which it can whip out the various prints, as well as how fast in pages per minute it can achieve this.  The reality is that you’ll be paying around four times the price for something which is half as good as its desktop counterparts.  It will print at around 4800 x 1200 dpi resolution for color photos (for average high quality mobile printers), and around 600 x 600 dpi for monochrome (black and white).  You can expect average print speeds of around 10 pages per minute for monochrome and 5-6 for color.  These are hardly anything to shout out over.

At this point people tend to jump and say that it’s a willing sacrifice you have to pay for the mobility.  Well yes, this is definitely true – and for some people they’re definitely required, but there are still some people out there that buy them more as a toy that anything else.  A lot of people use them when perhaps travelling to a work conference where they’ll need a printer to use perhaps in their hotel room.  In this situation I personally don’t see the use of having one, you can buy very good compact printers that can achieve the same at lower prices.

For me the choice is clear, and it’s only if you need two vital aspects should you consider buying one.  Firstly if you’re printing in areas where you won’t have access to AC mains electricity than they’re a must because they all come with the ability to purchase optional lithium ion battery packs – occasionally nickel-ion if they’re feeling cheap.  They’re also wireless – not in the conventional sense of being able to connect to a wireless access point such as in the home – but a true wireless portable printer which can connect to Bluetooth.  This allows unrestricted wireless connectivity wherever you go, and you don’t have to wander around trying to find free (or God forbid) or paid wireless access points.

Road warriors will definitely love this type of device because most of the later models by HP and Canon come with an optional car charger.  This car charger allows wireless mobile printers an exceptional level of independence and you’d only need to stock up on ink cartridges.  One slight criticism that applies to all inkjet printers as opposed to laser-jet devices is how wasteful of ink they are.  This is a particularly issue for this type of device because if you’re travelling you don’t want to be having to search for an ultra specific cartridge type as is the case in some instances.

Find the right person this will be the perfect leisure (or most likely) work accompaniment and will help you achieve a level of mobility whilst printing that is hard to obtain whilst retaining generally decent printing specifications.

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