Wireless Portable Printer Buying Tips

When it comes to buying a new wireless portable printer there are some tips to help you find both what’s right for you as well as cheap devices.  This is important so that you’re not getting a device which is too heavy, too low resolution and so forth – it needs to suit you, and of course getting the cheaper price is always best.

When you’re looking to buy a portable printer which is wireless there are a few important questions you need to ask yourself if you’re going to find the device which is perfect for you.  To start with do you want to use the device for printing in your car, on the plane, while your walking in between places?  Knowing where you’re going to be using your printer allows us to figure out exactly how mobile you need it to be.  If you need it to be exceptionally mobile then you’ll need to be aiming for something which is around 1-2 pounds in weight and can slip into a deep pocket if necessary.  There are printer which cater to this and this first example I’ll give are thermal based portable printers which can even be used on planes.  These are very small and lightweight due to the thermal printer hardware which is devoid of many (if any) moving parts.  This allows the overall size of the device to be much smaller which makes it an obvious choice for people looking to buy a small portable printer.

If you’re looking for something a little bit larger then I would recommend an inkjet based printer and this is superior in every single aspect except from portability which is obviously important regarding this topic.  Unfortunately due to the moving parts such as the inkjet head you can expect average devices to weigh from 4-6 pounds and be around the size of a net book but around twice as thick.  This obviously doesn’t make them suitable for storing in your pocket, but nevertheless you can use them on planes, train or cars and this type of wireless portable printer is very useful to a lot of people.  Looking at their general specifications you can expect them to print around 600 dpi for black and white and around triple that for color which means that although they’re not as good as desktop counterparts they’re still reasonably good for achieving most of your tasks unless you need something which is especially detailed graphically.  For most people they’ll more than suffice.

The best places to purchase your printers are Amazon, please don’t go to your local high street store because they’re just a complete rip off.  You’ll have some sales assistant wanting a commission that can read of specifications which he doesn’t understand, and which say nothing about the reliability or durability of the printer itself.  When you’re looking for this type of mobile printer it’s far better to go online – but another warning is to make sure that you’re buying from trusted sellers with real reviews.  A lot of people selling electronic equipment nowadays are very unscrupulous in creating fake reviews so that their items sell, even if they’re of poor quality.  I’d also watch out buying refurbished or second hand devices, they’re usually defective, out right broken our missing critical parts.  I’ve read a lot of reviews about people being in this situation and the seller making themselves non contactable and hence essentially scamming the consumer out of several hundred dollars – buyer beware!

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