Wireless Portable Inkjet Printers – why inkjet’s are the best

When everything’s said and done the most popular (by far) mobile printers out there utilize both wireless connectivity and inkjet printing methods for a several key reasons.  Find out more below.

To start with you’ve got to understand that there are essentially just two types of printing methods for transportable designs such as these.  There is either thermal or inkjet to choose from – laser’s do not feature into this because they’re unable to be scaled down to a reasonable size.

Inkjet’s are far by superior for several reasons with the main being that they’re simply better at printing.  If you’re a businessman you want to be able to whip out a variety of different media forms and the days of printing black text are over.  You want colorful high resolution charts, you want business cards which are photographic in terms of quality – you want image.  Our world is about image and presentation and inkjet printers trump every other single method (even lasers) because they provide exceptional quality.

When it comes to this particular segment of the technology market you’ll find that inkjet devices have double the printing resolution in dots per inch as their thermal competitors.  When it comes to color printing they have around 15 times the resolution so clearly in terms of quality they’re on top.  You’re certainly not going to be able to impress anyone whatsoever if you have a bunch of 200-300 dpi thermal devices which whip out the most basic of text and images.

On the other hand what you’ll be surprised to find out is that not only can inkjet devices print high quality color pictures they can actually print out full resolution photographs in a multitude of different sizes going from as small as business cards, to regular sizes (4 by 6 inch) and all the way up to full size (letter/A4) print outs.  Don’t be fooled into thinking you’re going to have to sacrifice substantially when you buy this kind of mobile printing unit because although it’s certainly not an ‘all in one’ model it can certainly handle when you’d buy it for… printing and in high quality too – who’d have imagined?

What’s more is you’ll be pleased with the printing speeds which obviously vary across the different companies (well it’s just Canon or HP actually).  You’re looking at an absolute maximum speed of 15 pages per minute for monochrome and 6-7 for color and 1 minute for photographs.  When it comes to their competitors you’ll be looking close to 5-6 ppm – and they’re the best ones as well.

You’ll also be pleasantly surprised by the wireless connectivity options which include infrared, Bluetooth and WiFi.  Most of the wireless mobile inkjet printers actually arrive with infrared already although this is admittedly of limited use to people because let’s face it… no one uses it anymore.  But for other people who have old style PDAs or just want the options there if necessary they’ll certainly find it useful.

For most of us though we’ll be looking at either the ability to transfer data wire free using either Bluetooth when we’re travelling and don’t have access to a wireless access point or WiFi if we’re using it in the home, or at hotels, airports and the like.

If you do want to make your portable printer capable of wireless connectivity you’ll have to purchase an external adapter either Bluetooth or WiFi.  These either arrive as cards or dongles and you’ll essentially find that cards are your best choice although they won’t be available in all situations.  They’re better because they’re far less likely to get knocked out and they also look far less ridiculous then a dongle sticking horizontally outside of your compact little printer!

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