Wireless Mobile Printer – everything you must know

Wireless mobile printers and wireless portable printers may seem to mean the same thing to most people, but there is a significant difference.  Wireless mobile printers are printers are different types of mobile printers in several aspects.


  • The main difference is size; mobile printers which are wireless are deemed ‘mobile printers’ because of their smaller size.  This means that an individual can carry around a small mobile wireless printer without too much hassle.

The portability of mobile printers using wireless interfaces


This generally means that wireless mobile printers are light and not heavy at all.  It means the mobile printers are small and compact, so they can fit in smaller bags or even in some cases specially made bags for both laptops and the wireless printers.  This all culminated to them being more accessible and more useful to an individual that travels alot by plane/train and is carrying the printer on their person, and not for example just in the car.

There are generally two main types of mobile wireless printers, first there’s the bright blue device above.  This type of wireless mobile printer is designed for solely work purposes.  Meaning that it can print A4 sheets of text only, this mean it cannot print colours.  This is useful for lawyers or accountants, anyone that needs a mobile printer that’s wireless for convenience and needs to print out work-related sheets on the go.

Who benefits from this type of technology..?


For example an accountant working with a small business can churn out the forms and receipts all using this cheap wireless portable printer.  A nurse can print out patient forms on this, one of the best wireless mobile printers for work related topics.  The downsides are of course that it could print at a quicker speed, and that it could print colours.  However, this is clearly branded as a work only computer.

It’s safe to say that this printer is in the complete opposite direction to the other.  This polaroid wireless portable printer does have a usb port so it can use wires, but it can also print wirelessly.  This is design for pictures either wirelessly or directly from a camera or usb stick.  It can print high quality pictures quickly and on the move.

This is perfect for family holidays and outings where camera space my fill up too quickly, or where you need the pictures now; such as giving the pictures to relatives before leaving them to go back home.

This printer is a compact mobile printer, being around the size of a medium book.

A few examples…


Considering the two basic mobile printer models, this is the perfect example of a medium between the two.  Although more expensive, this printer can print of text and pictures in colour or black and white effortlessly.  It can perform both jobs very well and is an all-round printer, allowing it to perform excellently.

It does come at a downside though, although it may be seen as one of the best wireless mobile printers, it is somewhat bulkier than the above models.  Not only this, but as mentioned above it is also considerably more expensive than the other two.  This type of a printer only just passes as a wireless mobile printer, because of it’s large size and mass.  However, considering some wireless portable printers on the market, it can still be considered to be relatively small.

Also, it must be noted that considering that it performs two functions both very well, size must be sacrificed somewhat to achieve a printer that can work at the pace required by the users in general.

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