The Best Wireless HP Printers – Laser, Inkjet and All-In-One Printers

Utilize this incredible page (it was written by a guy who has an entire website dedicated to mobile printers) to find out the best wireless hp printers.  Discover the best printers in each of the three main categories – laser, inkjet and all-in-one devices – plus learn a little more about wireless technology.  We list current prices at the cheapest places to purchase them online and we feature only the best products per category type.

The Best Wireless Printers by HP


In this case ‘wireless’ refers to HP’s WiFi printers and not to Bluetooth or infrared.  This may sound obvious but the majority of this website is focused on wireless mobile printers and all of these feature Bluetooth connectivity.  Even infrared makes the occasional appearance although it’s somewhat outdated now.  However all of these printers are WiFi only meaning you need access to a good old’ wireless access point.

Laser wireless printers


The Expensive Option is the HP M451DN Laserjet Enterprise 400 Color Wireless Photo Printer – what a mouthful huh?  The cheapest price I found online was 425 dollars from Amazon and it was also the highest rated and review printer which featured both wireless and laser technology.

The M451DN is fast but not incredibly fast.  For a laser printer you’d expect around 30 pages per minute but for letter sized paper this can only churn out prints at 21 pages per minute – but this is for both black and white and color.  Although it’s not as fast as some of its competition it’s still pretty damn fast.  You’ve gotta be really picky if you want much faster than this.  It hits up 600×600 dpi which of course isn’t anything like inkjet printers but that’s still suitable for most roles.  As a laser printer it’s very good at producing near-photo quality print outs and will be sure to impress most people.

HP M451DN Laser Color Wireless Photo Printer

It’s maximum monthly duty cycle is around 40,000 pages so you probably won’t have any problems and it also features an LCD interface for printing options.  It has a optional 250 sheet input tray and 150 tray output bin.  It features the same low cost per page as a regular HP LaserJet printer and it’s much cheaper than an inkjet printer to use.

The software package (although large and full of programs you ain’t gonna use) is easy to set up install.  It has multiple auto-configuration programs which will mean everything is up and running very quickly and it also features an automatic turn off feature to save power when it’s not in use.

The Budget Option is the HP LaserJet Pro CP1525nw Wireless Laser Color Printer which is much cheaper at around 200 dollars of Amazon and it’s what I’d personally go for.  The CP1525nw isn’t as good as its big brother but for half the price it comes it as pretty damn close.  It’s AirPrint and ePrint which is useful when combined with its wireless (WiFi) functionality.  It can’t print photographs or super high resolution color sheets (super high resolution for laser printers at least).

Nevertheless it’s a very low cost and functional printer.  There’s no automatic two sided printing, automatic document feeder or LCD interface screen but it does what you want it to do.  It prints.  It prints just as fast, it a variety of sizes and allows wireless communication.  If you’re on a budget and looking for a cheap wireless hp printer then this delivers because it removes away the ‘frills’ which admittedly make printing easier but at a substantial price increase.

HP LaserJet Pro CP1525nw Wireless Color Printer

It’s suitable for people who are on a printer budget.  It’s suitable for occasional printing aimed at home use or small scale businesses.  It’s not suitable for large scale printing.  If you’re planning on printing more than a 50-100 sheets of paper a day then don’t even consider this.  It’s not worth the hassle or your time (unless your time is worthless) to fiddle around with paper trays and paper ream insertion.  I’ll ask you the deciding question “you wanna do much printing?  Well do ya?  Punk”.

Inkjet wireless printers



If you want a super cheap wireless HP printer then you need not look further than the HP DeskJet 3000 wireless color printer.  The DeskJet 3000 is cheap, really cheap (it’s 60 bucks) and so if you’re looking for a wireless budget printer then this is for you.  It prints at photo-quality color resolution (although they’re not lab-quality print outs) and prints at 600 dpi for monochrome making it comparable to a laser printer.

The DJ 3000 is also wireless capable which is useful for using at home and it can print 20 ppm for monochrome and 16 ppm for color – but remember that these are draft speeds.  The real printing speed of the DeskJet 3000 wireless printer is closer to around 4-6 ppm if you want decent quality.  Its monthly duty cycle is 1,000 pages but frankly you shouldn’t get anywhere close to that because if you need to print that much it’s far more economical to buy a printer with laser technology.

Wireless DeskJet 3000 Color HP Printer

The input tray is only 60 sheets and the output tray is 25 sheets which seems a little useless to me, unless it’s for very light printing… which this product is all about.

This particular wireless HP printer is useful for people on a tight budget.  It’s pros are basically that it’s 60 dollars, features WiFi connectivity and color printing.  The problems with the DeskJet 3000 are:  no two sided printing, no navigational screen, no memory card slots for printing without a computer, no photo printing and finally no automatic paper feeder.

It’s a stripped down basic printer that’s designed for functionality and convenience.  The convenience is created by its small size, lightweight and wireless capabilities.  The functionality is its ability to print reasonably good monochrome and color work.

I’m not going to bother discussing an expensive counterpart because to be honest there aren’t any by HP I’d buy myself (look elsewhere to the likes of Epson or Canon in my opinion).

All in one printers


Hewlett-Packard actually has some really great all-in-on printers.  To be honest most of its inkjet printers are what I’d stay away from but its laser and AIO printers are very good.  What’s more is that most arrive with HP AirPrint and HP ePrint which is very useful for mobile devices and mobile printing in general.

The HP Envy 114 E-all-in-one Printer is the best choice for pretty much everyone.  The Envy 114 is both AirPrint and ePrint ready which allows WiFi printing from your Apple device via AirPrint or by sending email attachments via HP’s ePrint.  This all in one printer features a scanner which can scan resolutions up to 1200 dpi which believe me is more than you’ll ever need.  The wireless printing is built-in so there’s no need for irritating adapters or anything like that.  It allows duplex (two siding) printing automatically, features memory card slots so you don’t need a computer, a color LCD screen with printer settings and 4 by 6 inch laboratory quality photo printing.  This is real lab-quality photo printing by the way.

HP Envy 114 E-all-in-one AIO Wireless Printer

It can whip out paper at 7 ppm for monochrome and around 4 for color – but this is at high resolution so if you turn it onto draft mode you’ll be whipping out more than 30 for each.  Plus its duty cycle is around 1,000 pages per month which is enough (otherwise I’d probably buy a laser printer).  Also it looks damn cool.

Cool Printers by HP


There are two really cool printers by HP.  The first is a mobile printer which includes a battery plus the capacities for both WiFi and Bluetooth printing.  This is the OfficeJet 100 wireless mobile printer which is fully transportable and incredibly small.  This is made more impressive by the fact that the HP OJ 100 can print real lab-quality photographs, as well as performing well with high printing speeds.  It’s a great mobile printer by HP.

The second is the HP DesignJet Z3200 which features a 44-inch printing capability.  It’s basically for printing massive high quality posters and other such things you’re probably not interested in.  I’m not going to talk much about it since you probably don’t want it but the real reason I mentioned it is just so I could show you it’s cool photo below.

HP DesignJet Z3200 Printer

Super Cool!

Wireless Printing via AirPrint and ePrint by HP


As you might be able to tell from the URL of this website my main focus is portable printers.  As you would expect there’s nothing more useful than a portable printer with a mobile device which needs printing from.  Apple’s iPad and iPhone are classic examples of ultra-portable widespread devices which cannot easily print to a portable printer.  They only send the data via AirPrint which means that you need to have a static (no battery) printer – of course this is no good for the travelling businessman or entrepreneur.  Therefore I’ve found a way around this and I suggest you see my page on hp airprint mobile printers if you want to find out more (I promise it will be useful to you!).

Also I get a lot of emails from people asking me to explain HP’s ePrint.  It’s not particularly complicated but HP’s website is notoriously difficult to navigate.  I think I’ve done a pretty good job explaining ePrint but if you have any further suggestions then feel free to leave them on my page on which HP ePrint explained is the main focus.  There’s also information on portable ePrint printers too.  I hope you enjoyed this article and if you have a question or comment please feel free to leave it below.

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