Will the IPad 3 have Compatible Portable Printers?

A lot of people have sent me in emails asking whether the IPad 3 will be compatible with portable printers (usually wireless ones) when in fact most people are concentrating on the ipad 2 being compatible with portable printers.

The chances are very high that the IPad 3 will have more compatible printers than the canon PIXMA IP100 at the moment because the range is very limited.  It is possible with technical expertise and the ability to follow long and slightly complicated instructions to print from a mobile printer whilst on the move.  However it does initially take time and effort to get to grips with aspects such as PTP (printer transfer protocol).

An Ipad Compatible Portable Printer

Ultimately most people are stuck using AirPrint if they want to be able to printer wirelessly from their IPad and frankly this is just a hassle.

I would recommend using the Canon Pixma IP100 for your printing needs if you need to print out in the field but as I said it can be a hassle especially if you don’t have basic computer knowledge.

Let’s face it the IPad is a beautiful, glossy and generally useful device but like many of Apple’s products there are certain inbuilt limitations which affect (unnecessarily) many aspects of its functionality.

Most people are looking for a small a4 sized printer to use for work or occasionally for personal use and you’ll be able to see from the reviews I’ve linked you above that the IP100 is the best solution.

Remember that the website I’ve linked to you is Amazon and generally the reviews are very accurate, you can even make sure that they’re verified purchases and real people if you want to be absolutely sure.

One outcome which I think will be likely in the next installment of the IPad (number 3) is greater flexibility in choosing printers which are not so limited as they are now.

I’d like to think that Apple doesn’t have to draw you into its e-commerce ecosystem but the chances are that you’ll have to buy a specific product in the same way you need to have printers which are ‘AirPrint enabled’.

You can also use ePrint with the Ipad which is quite useful because although you need to go to a specific location there are tens of thousands around the world which make it easy.

In fact very recently I was in China and I needed some important visa immigration documents printing out (I currently live in Shenzhen, Guangdong) when the printer where I work stopped working.

I was surprised when my boss was able to utilize ePrint from China and send the documents to a local store and collect them right away.  It was incredibly useful and stopped a bad situation from happening.

  • One of the reasons ePrint was so useful was because we could pick a shop which was close to the border instead of having to drive around looking for one.

We located a shop, called them up to confirm, sent them the details, they printed it off, we arrived and voila problem solved.  The issue of requiring a little more tech knowledge then perhaps some of the more ‘basic’ Apple users have is a problem which is likely to be solved in the next installment of Canon/HP printers which is likely to be very very soon.

It’s been over 4 years since the IP100 was released and around 1.5 years since HP’s rival OfficeJet 100 was released which means that Canon is going to be creating and releasing a next product very soon as they generally do after similar periods of times.

By the way the reason I didn’t recommend the OJ 100 is because people have frequently complained to me of problems and this is widely reflected in people’s reviews of the product.

It’s simply more prone to breaking than its competitors and even though almost every other single aspect is the same in terms of specifications the fact is that if you’re travelling on a work trip you need a reliable piece of kit and not one which is going to occasionally break.

What’s more is considering that the IP100 was released long before its main rival it’s disappointing than HP’s device is so much inferior.      There customer support can be a complete joke and I know from first hand experience that dealing with HP is an incredibly infuriating process that really drive you around the bend.

I had a valid warranty for a laptop which was broken through no fault of my own (the bottom just melted) and the stress, hassle and hurdles were so off putting that I ended up simply not contacting support anymore.  Obviously they didn’t contact me back.  What’s more obvious is that the whole system is set up to save as much money as possible and that means making things as difficult as possible for the people trying to solve a genuine problem.

Personally I think an incredible combination might even be the Brother PocketJet 6 with the IPad because it’s a tiny printer due to its thermal mechanisms and it would complement the lightweight and small size of the IPad nicely.

I hope this article was informative, come again soon.

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