Reliable, Compact and Rugged Thermal Printers

A lot of people wonder why it is that a thermal printer (such as you see at cashier’s tills) can work for such a long time so reliably.

Well it’s all due to their internal thermal technology which is much more intrinsically reliable than inkjet or laser printers.  This effect is even more pronounced in mobile printers as you’ll see below.

Inkjet based technology are more prone to breaking because they have internal moving parts which are more susceptible to damage.  Let’s think about this.

You have an inkjet head which needs a mechanism to whip it back and forth rapidly across a piece of paper.  Or you have a stationary thermal printer head which just stays in one position, which do you think is more reliable?

Not only is the hardware for the moving parts more likely to break, but seeing as there are open spaces in-between several detrimental knock-on effects occur.

  • Dust particulates gather over time as the printer ages, giving a greater chance of something going wrong internally.
  • The open spaces mean critical components cannot be packed tightly together to assist in maintain overall strength.

Now let’s think about it, if you have a thermal printer which is also portable then the chances are you’re going to be moving it about.

Now this isn’t a big deal as we’ve seen for thermal technology, but for technology with moving parts it causes serious problems.

You can buy printers such as the Brother PocketJet 6 Plus which has a 25 year warranty.  Can you think of any inkjet/laser device which has anything close to this?

There’s a reason that those old looking tills are so yellow and grimy – it’s because they were built so well with technology so durable against time that there was no need to replace them.

This is especially useful for mobility when it comes to printing, because it means that you’re getting a model which is reliable when you need it the most.  People tend to use these models for work related assignments, and you don’t want to your fingers dipped in ink when you need documents printing now.

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