Why a mobile black and white inkjet printer isn’t the best idea

A lot of people who want mobile printing just want a device which is capable of basic black and white text/picture printing (otherwise referred to as monochrome).

The issue is that most models produced in the last 7-8 years are very advanced, being inkjet based devices capable of advanced tasks such as lab-quality photo printing.

 A lot of people who want monochromeonly printing as clear resolutions as well as Bluetooth capabilities would be much better of going for a thermal device as you can find on WPP’s homepage.

Brother PocketJet 3 with Bluetooth

A lot of people assume that an inkjet printer is what they want... whereas there are a lot of advantages to thermal technology devices

The reason that a lot of people head towards going for an inkjet technology device is because the big brands are their only manufacturers.  Ultimately there’s really only three brands to choose from if you want mobile printing, with Canonand HP being the dominant players for inkjet’s.  When it comes to thermal devices then Brother’s what you’ll be wanting to look out – the reason being that no manufacturer has released a new device in perhaps 4 years… and Brother’s just released their updated version of their PocketJet range.

Why thermal technology may be a better option…


Either way there are a good few advantages to choosing thermal devices over inkjet ones.  First and foremost their running costs are significantly lower because they don’t actually use ink at all.  Considering that all inkjet devices are what we personally like to refer to as ‘ink guzzlers’ this is going to be a big attraction to people who want cheaper printing over time.

What’s more is you can expect them to be far more reliable and seeing 25 year warranties is not uncommon, and there’s a few good reasons for this.

They contain either completely zero or very few moving active parts which means that the chances of it breaking are much lower.

This isn’t a big issue for stationary devices… but these aren’t stationary and they’re constantly being moved and banged around the place.

  • So let’s just combine all these advantages to see the clear reasons why these are probably a better choice for most people.

They’re cheaper to run and they also last much longer which means overall they’re vastly cheaper.  Their greater reliability makes them stand out amongst other devices which aren’t so road-worthy… and if you’re a businessmen you don’t want your printer to break down while you’re out travelling.

Why they may not be for you…


Well for one they don’t allow color printing at all, expect black and white which means that those glossy business cards you wanted printing are no longer possible.

Their wireless capabilities are limited which means that they’re Bluetooth-only devices, if you’re looking for WiFi or infrared they’re not going to be suitable.

They are certainly slower and their monochrome resolution dots per inch figures are also lower (but actually this is more nit picking than anything because they’re certainly more than capable for crisp black text and images).

Which manufacturer to go for?


Well as we said above, we believe that Brother’s the best option for small monochrome printers due to their recent product range development… and lack of competition.

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