Which is the best wireless portable printer? Use printer reviews…

One question which I must admit annoys me to no ends is, ‘which is the best wireless portable printer?’ and it’s almost like asking which is the best laptop, or car.  It depends on you.  If you want a gaming laptop then clearly you’ll want high specifications – you go for what youwant.

If you’re interested in finding your perfect device, check out our finding your right portable printer guide, this includes those wire optional wireless interfaces.

Wireless Portable Canon iP100 Printer

Wireless Portable Canon iP100 Printer

The best way to find out what you want is by reading Printer Reviews because it will allow you to form a concise and clear picture as to what it is you want, what it costs and whether it does everything you want.  The first question you must ask yourself is whether you want black and white or color printing, does it need to be small and lightweight or can it be a little larger?  Does it need to scan or send faxes?  Do you want it connected to a home wireless network or would you rather transfer the files from your Blackberry or laptop via Bluetooth?

The options are near endless and the truth is people tend to get swamped in the massive array of the best portable printer models out there.  The reality is that companies like HP or Canon who are the ‘big guys’ in the printing world don’t really help with their product branding.  Look at Apple, they’ve only got a handful of excellent products.  On the other hand all it takes is one look at a Wikipedia list of some of these printing company’s product’s lists and you get overwhelmed almost instantly.  Most of the names are completely unimaginative and contain lots of numbers, so names such as MS2340, MS 2350 and so on increasing in increments of ten are so confusing.  People just want to know the core functions of a printer and how much it costs, with literally hundreds of printers available it’s so easy for the normal consumer to get lost in a flood of random and frankly necessary knowledge lots of the time.

I think when it comes to purchasing the best wireless portable printer you need to stop looking around for products to start with and first look at how you’re going to use it.  If you’re going to be doing a lot of printing then you’re going to need a model which has a large batter for example.  Some wireless printers don’t come with the Bluetooth adapter already installed which can be easy to overlook when you’re getting amazed by lists of what it ‘can’ do.

I’d recommend even creating a printing diary to document when you do print things so that you can make a wiser choice.  If you want to make the best decision then you need to shop around much more when it comes to printers than most other products.  The amount of variation that there is for similar prices and quality levels is ridiculous.

If you’ve ever had that feeling of forking out a lot of money only to find something similar – or even better at a lesser price then you’ll know it’s not something you want to repeat.  Due to the names of many printers it can be difficult to find what you’re looking for, and many of the large companies websites such as Brother can be difficult to navigate and ambiguous.  I’d recommend starting at websites such as Amazon to get the most accurate reviews.  However you wish to proceed just make sure that you know what sort of a a4 sized portable printer you want before you start looking because you can easily be overwhelmed by the shear scale of choice.

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