Canon’s or HP’s Portable Printer? Find out which is the best

People seem to wonder which is the best for producing mobile printers – Canon or HP?  Then I remember that most people are not printer nerds like me.

It’s very simple – Canon’s better, let me tell you why.

  • Firstly let’s ignore that Carly Fiorina who led the company was fired for outsourcing most of the workforce tarnishing their once excellent customer support as well as products.

Now what people don’t know is that inkjet portable printers are the only type which Canon/HP produce (not thermal ones).

  • Also people don’t know they only release a new device every 3 or so years, so it’s very easy in that time to compare a limited range of products.

This makes it very easy to see which is best.  Each latest product is a step up from the last and it’s just a matter of comparing the two against each other.

You draw good technology comparisons by looking at two things:

  1. Specifications
  2. Reliability

You can read specifications on the manufacturer’s website, but reliability is only gained from user’s reviews.

It’s a battle between two of each companies’ latest printers – The Canon iP100 and HP OfficeJet 100.

So why is the Canon iP100 best?

  • In terms of specifications it has double the color resolution figure, quicker printing speed and matches the OfficeJet for black and white printing.
  • It’s significantly better with regards to reliability by person experiences but most importantly from the plethora of reviews on the internet.  I find Amazon is usually accurate.

What does this all mean?

It means that the Canon PIXMA iP100 prints better pictures and photographs faster and with significantly lower chances of breaking.

It also comes with PictBridge which allows direct transfer of pictures from the camera to printer without a computer/laptop.

It’s highly adaptable and consumers less ink, and across the board it’s a superior product.

Is this a good time to mention it’s cheaper too?

Usually there are aspects where one device outshines the other, but if you do your homework (and I hope you do), and take a good hard look around you’ll soon find out that Canon’s Mobile Printers are best – and have been for sometime now.

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