Utilizing PictBridge with Tiny Inkjet Mobile Printers

PictBridge is utilized via the printer transfer protocol and it allows the transference of images from PictBridge-enabled cameras to printers without the need of an intermediary.

You’ll find that both of the latest mobile printers from both Canon and HP allow for PictBridge image transfer.  As you can imagine this is incredible useful for photographers who want to take a photograph, print it off and give it out then and there.  It’s more useful when used in conjunction with the Canon iP100 because to this date it has the highest photo printing specifications of any of the inkjet technology based portable photo printers which use PictBridge.

Using PictBridge with inkjet mobile printers

Using PictBridge with inkjet mobile printers

At 9600 x 2400 dpi resolution you’ll find that this is able to printer lab-quality photographs without any sacrifice made to quality.

  • To use PB you need to make sure of several important things.  Firstly you need to make sure that both your printer and just as importantly your camera is enabled with this technology.

Using it is very simple and it just requires a standard 2-way usb cable (which is rarely used anymore due to usb memory sticks) which you use to connect your camera to your printer.

After you’ve connected them together an interface screen will automatically become activated on your camera’s screen.

  • This has several basic options which will allow to you to choose what it is what you want to print out.  It does allow you to change settings, but be warned that the software is not particularly flexible… primitive would perhaps be a better way to put it.

Some people will find this irksome to use, and it’s certainly not recommended for any great amount of printing.  However if you desperately need to print whilst travelling and do not wish to carry around a laptop/notebook or any other intermediary device it’s an attractive option.

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