Find out about Usb Portable Printer devices and what you must know

USB portable printer devices are printers which have their own power source which isn’t dependent on the main’s electricity, and which is fully able to print without external aid via a USB port connection.

This type of printer is one of the most widely used as well as easiest portable printing devices around to date.  Most of the models have a simple plug and play method, in which as long as the correct drivers are installed on the computer/laptop, printing is as easy as plugging in and pressing ‘print’.  This is one of the main selling points to a lot of people because it’s much simpler than setting up a wireless portable printer.

There are of course downsides to this type of USB device: 


  • One of the main downsides is in relation to its power and ink consumption as well as storage capabilities.  This type of device isn’t suitable for you if you’re planning on printing out hundreds of sheets in one go without recharging.  Although the ink tanks to last longer they still do need replacing much more regularly than ordinary desktop printers.
  • Another downside relates to the USB cable which is often flimsy and easy to break/lose – which would render the usb portable printer inoperable.  Not only this but in an ever increasing world of wireless activities some people have discarded cables from their lives almost entirely and so would prefer a wireless printer.

The price range for this type of device can vary quite a lot depending on the size, capabilities and brand.  Larger printers tend to have larger ink tanks and battery lives meaning longer printing capabilities.  Not only this, but some of these printers have options such as double sided printing – in fact most of the options nowadays desktop printers have which portable printers tend not to.  When purchasing big brand names such as HP or Canon you can expect the price to go up by a moderate amount.  A decent usb portable printer sells for around $160 dollars, but this amount can swing either way depending on what I’ve spoken about above.  When you move into buying devices such as wireless portable printer.

A quick word from the WPP team


 If you’re interested in quickly learning about the different types of portable printers, including those with standard interfaces such as USB, PictBridge or parallel access ports – or those with wireless capabilities you can check out our company homepage for directions on exactly what you’re looking for – visit WPP for further details.

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