Types of Wireless Portable Printer Connections

I think one of the main things that confuses people when purchasing a wireless portable printer is in how they’re wireless.  There are lots of different ways of transferring information wirelessly and picking the right one that works for you is critical.

Using WiFi (Wireless Access Points)


One main example are wireless printers in the household or officers, these are stationary wireless printers that connect to a pre-existing wireless network which you too are presumably connected to.  From here they can send the information from their laptop, desktop computer or smart phone directly to the wireless printer.  This is as long as they have authorisation on their network or from their administrator to do as, and assuming everything’s connected correctly of course.

This is generally known as WiFi and it’s the ability to connect to wireless access points which are generally stationary and found all over the place in cafes, bars and shops.

Bluetooth Interface Connectivity


A further type of connecting wirelessly to your printer would be through the use of bluetooth.  Now most smart phones and laptops come equipped with blue tooth nowadays meaning that as long as you are in a relatively close proximity.  You can transfer the information need to print right to your wireless portable printer in a matter of seconds, and be actually printing after a few seconds more.

Infrared is another method of digitally sending the information from your device with the data stored to your printer.  It works in a very similar method to the bluetooth printing, apart from it needs to be closer and fewer and fewer devices use it.

Many people seem to think that wireless portable printers simply seem to create their own wireless connection in the middle of nowhere that can be somehow magically connected to.  Whereas in reality it isn’t that simple and it’s possible that if delving into the blue tooth on your laptop isn’t for you then may you’d be better looking in portable printers for laptops – without having the complicated wireless extra.  Saying that though, it must be noted that although wireless portable printers are of course open to wireless connection, most still do have manual interfaces with which to use.

Infrared or IrDA


Finally infrared which is now very outdated is still used with a surprising degree of frequency, generally you’ll find that it’s inbuilt and comes as part of the package price.

In most cases it tends to be with Bluetooth and WiFi that you need to buy optional adapters, but this isn’t true of infrared.

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If you want to find out more in-depth information pertaining to the various wireless connectivity options check out WPP for further information and guides.

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