Two Portable AirPrint Printers for the iPad

When it comes to choosing a transportable printer for your iPad most people have trouble understanding that there are essentially two options which feature AirPrint compatible mechanisms to allow for portable printing.

Canon and HP are the only manufacturers of mobile printers (which means they feature a battery and usually Bluetooth, WiFi connectivity) which are compatible with the iPad 1 and 2. Although there are PocketJet printers by Brother these are Bluetooth-only devices and it’s currently impossible to connect them to an iPad or iPhone.

Without the correct software it’s also impossible to print using Canon and HP’s latest devices but I’ll come onto that later.

If you want to find out about how these two mobile printers are iPad compatible we suggest you visit the page I’ve just linked.

The page I’ve linked above is our main page which outlines the solution for printing on the go with an iPad, this page is going to go over the two choices you have – but if you’d like to know how the work (and with what software which is the most important thing) then I suggest you check out the page above.

What I usually recommend is the Canon PIXMA iP100 – you can find the best deals here if you want to see the pricing plus people’s reviews.

The reason I suggest this product in particular is because of it’s small size, weight and superior overall specifications – but more importantly than these are its greater reliability.

Although it does feature superior specifications to its HP rival (the OfficeJet 100) these are quite small. It might be slightly smaller or weigh slightly less but considering how light and small they both are already I don’t think these are factors which are the most important.

Think about this, you’re a businessman and you know that on your next businss trip you’re going to need to print of potentially dozens of documents and memos. The last thing you want is for your printer to break down because the reality is that replacing it will be no easy task.

But hey it’s still possible to find an alternative right? But what if you’re at an exhibition and you’re printing off photo quality sheets of A4 sized paper and then it breaks. Now you’re really in trouble.

The second situation is obviously far worse than the first one but frankly both would be incredibly annoying – what’s more is that there are an infinite amount of situations where it breaking down could be disastrous.

You want a device which is reliable, you wouldn’t expect your laptop to break down half way through a business or leisure trip and the same thing should be true of your printer.

I would urge you to check out Amazon reviews of the OfficeJet 100 and compare them against the reviews of the iP100 by Canon which I linked above.

You can also read my long and in-depth review of the OfficeJet 100 Photo Printer here.

You’ll see right away that there’s a clear distinction in terms of quality and reliability – the prices are similar (the iP100 is only around 50 dollars cheaper) and the specifications are similar too. The one big difference which myself and others have noted is that one simply works better than the other.

One question I get asked a lot is if there are any Bluetooth-enabled portable iPad printers (to link to ‘No Bluetooth Portable iPad Printers’ at a later date) which are available.

The simple answer is a stark no there are not. It’s not currently possible for the simple reason that Apple does not yet want them to be compatible.

AirPrint and ePrint enabled devices utilize WiFi and not Bluetooth when they transfer work/data from the Apple device to the printer.

If I’m being honest the only real Bluetooth portable printer is the PocketJet 6 Plus but this is important for in the field printing where quality is not important.

The two printers I’ve mentioned on this page are capable of printing high resolution photographs at various sizes. The PJ 6 is capable of printing black and white only images and text and has a resolution of 300 dots per inch which means that it’s simply not good enough for any kind of show case documents.

I could go on and on as to why for Apple users it’s not the best option but I think the fact that you can’t directly print from one to the other is probably where the discussion stops.

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