Thermal Portable Printing

A thermal portable printer is usually very compact and used for printing receipts.  However in this case we’ll be discussing devices aimed at consumer use such as for office workers and businessmen.

Getting to Grips with Thermal Technology…


Most thermal portable printers aren’t for personal use but are bought by a company which needs the portable printing of information such as receipts.  But they’re not only useful for printing receipts but in fact for printing labels and price tags.  Imagine how much more efficient your workforce would be if they could make a transaction right there on the spot.

Instead of going back to the till with the item, all they have to do is take out their printer, scan the item through on the thermal portable printer, accept a credit card payment and finally print a receipt.  This is all possible when using business portable thermal printing units and they’re specifically designed for large shop floors where credit card purchases are common!

  • One of the great things about them is their multi-purpose nature which allows a mixed workforce to be able to group together to get things done more efficiently.
  • Instead of having staff allocated to the tills and to attaching price tags, why not train them in both.  In times of high sales demands you have to tell the employees that usually are just using their machines to attach price tags to switch to making sales.

This means you can accommodate the influx of customers without losing any who grow too impatient.  On the other hand you also have the ability to switch some of the sales workers to labeling after.  Once the sales rush is over and you’re bringing out and labeling new items then you can also get this done more rapidly.

  • Just remember they’re monochromeonly black and white printing devices, don’t expect any color because you’ll be disappointed.

Anything can happen on the shop floor and being able to facilitate massive demands is a serious advantage for anyone wanting to streamline their business capacities by making use of technologies especially the likes of thermal wireless portable printer.

What the WPP Team is here for


Who is the WPP team?  Well it’s essentially a small selective team of mobile printing experts (technology geeks) who support people in trying to help them find the right device.

  • There’s a lot of different questions you’re going to be asking yourself, thermal or inkjet?  Wireless or not?  Which type of wireless interface?  Which brand should I choose?

Ultimately we’re here to make the tough decisions easy and the mobile printing page helps people do just that, make the right choices based on their printing requirements!

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