Black and White Small Portable Printers

You’ll find that for serious travelling where you need printing a device based on thermal technology which is both small and portable is your best option.  The only downside is that it’s monochrome (black and white) only, and so this is aimed generally at people who only need basic work printing off.

One of the first critical aspects which make them so useful is one that you won’t hear about anywhere else.  Now I will move onto the more conventional reasons why thermal monochrome portable printers they’re the best choice, but before this I want to go over some reasons you won’t see anywhere else.

One reason you won’t find anywhere else


You’ll find that the peripheral items you need to carry with them to enable complete functionality are significantly less than their rival inkjet technology.

So for example, with a regular inkjet device you need:

  • Inkjet paper, which takes up a lot of room and isn’t easily stored.
  • An external Bluetooth/Wifi adapter.
  • Potentially extra ink cartridges.

But on the other hand thermal technology allows…

  • For thermal paper to be bought and stored in rolls, which are housed inside the main body of the mini a4 monochrome mobile printer.  You do not need any external paper unless you’re planning on printing a novel; all devices allow/require internal roll storage.
  • All thermal devices have the option for internal Bluetooth/Wifi adapters which means no usb dongle or compact flash card.
  • Thermal printers do not use ink cartridges, they just use electricity so there’s no running out of ink or messy replacement jobs.

Brother’s the best choice…


There are a number of different options to pick, Brother produces some good thermal printers such as the PJ 6 Plus.

  • The PJ 6 comes in four different versions allowing for complete flexibility in wireless and printing capabilities.
  • They’re the latest and widely considered the best of all the thermal devices aimed at the most lightweight and reliable portable printing.

PlanOn’s PrintStik is old but still a good choice


You’ll find that although it’s not a little outdated being around 4 years old, PlanOn’s PrintStik thermal monochrome printer is still a popular choice.

We won’t sit here and tell you they’re as good as Brother, but consider they’re much cheaper they’re a good alternative that people on a budget will appreciate.

The ‘normal’ reasons why thermal devices are perfect for travelling


There are of course two main aspects which make them far superior as printers for travelling professionals.

  • Significantly lower mass.
  • Significantly lower physical dimensions.

You’ll find that these printers are really tiny, around 1/6th the size of their rival technologies, and their weight is around 1/5th (generally being 1-1.4 pounds).

For most people you’ll find that in terms of mobility nothing can do a better job than a printer based on monochrome thermal technology, especially if travelling is important to you.

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