The Best Mobile Printer with a Compact Flash Card Reader

One problem with the three main mobile printers which I recommend is that none of them have compact flash slots.  The PJ 6 Plus, iP100 and OJ 100 are the latest and best devices in all respects apart from this.

If you desperately need a battery printer which has a compact flash card reader then you’re going to have to go down a difficult road, and I’ll just say now that it might well be easier to find an alternative method of communicating with your printer.

Not only do the latest products by Canon and HP not have them, the previous models don’t have them – so essentially you need to go back to products released around 5-8 years ago.  Nevertheless some are very good – in fact you can get them much cheaper and although they’re not as good as the latest releases they’re still pretty good.

The Best Mobile Printer with CF Slot Options


The best is the HP’s 460C Mobile Printer (see reviews here) – which features options for both wireless and Bluetooth CF slots if you so desire.

Someone left a really helpful comment at the top of the reviews section explaining the difference between the four different models.  They each have a slightly different ending (the letters after 460) which denote slight alterations.

H460 with Compact Flash Options

Here’s the quote:

‘ Basically the only difference between the 460C, 460WF and 460WBT is the type of card includes for the Compact Flash slot. WF has a Wireless CF card, and the WBT has a Bluetooth CF Card.’

Along with being the best printer it’s also the only printer with this type of data transfer.  Sorry to all you lawyers and businessmen out there who really needed them!  Below there’s a list of printers which definitely do not have the CF slot.

The Devices which Don’t have CF Readers


Firstly there’s the best mobile printer by Canon (which is in my opinion the best in the world, at least for the moment) which is the PIXMA iP100.

It has a heck of a lot of connectivity options but a CF reader isn’t one of them.

Second there’s the tiny PJ 6 Plus thermal device which is an incredibly small product (it’s actually the smallest ever made but it’s draw back is it’s black and white only) and around the size of a laptop battery.

Thirdly there’s the OfficeJet 100 mobile printer which is manufactured by HP.  A great device but in my opinion second to Canon’s product.

Better Solutions than CF


I’ll be honest… those three links I just posted are to what are by far the latest and best devices by the three big mobile printer companies.

They’re cheaper, printer faster and at high resolutions (apart from the PJ 6 Plus) and they’re far more widely available… which is why I would strongly recommend using your brain to find some kind of work around solution.

Mind boggling isn’t it, that concept ‘using your brain’ – unless you’re a brain dead Apple fan boy then there’s probably a good chance you’ve used your brain previously

If this is the case I would suggest finding alternative methods for transferring you’re data because as you can see here HP has discontinued this printer range.

Compact Flash will soon be history because the technology is old and outdated and there are more effective and cheapest methods for keeping or transferring data.

  • One solution would of course to get a converter which would transfer compact flash into something which modern devices like these would be more likely to read and understand.

You can find these types of products on Amazon and they cost next to nothing.  I would recommend firstly to locate a suitable converter and find out what kind of conversion ports are used.

From here I’d then look at the specifications pages on the manufacturers website.  Don’t use anything apart from the official websites with the correct URLs because you can be sure the information there will be correct.

Then all you need to do is connect the dots and hey presto… you’re done.  Not so hard right?

Questions?  Leave ’em below.

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