The Smallest Unique Portable Printer

So you want to find a unique portable printer huh?  Well do ya’?  Punk?  Now listen up chief because you’re reading the words from one of the few portable printer experts in the entire world.  Yes I know that’s a pretty big statement to make, but it’s the truth.  I have an entire website dedicated to portable printers and this specific page is dedicated to the smallest and most unique product available.

Presenting the unique PocketJet 6 Plus as the smallest portable printer


Let’s start at the beginning.  You want the smallest portable printer available.  Here it is… the PocketJet 6 Plus monochrome portable printer.  The dimensoins for the PocketJet 6 Plus are as follows: the length is 10.04 inches x width 2.17 inches x height 1.18″ (255mm x 55mm x 30mm).  Yeah that’s right, it’s basically 1.2 inches tall.  Essentially it’s similar in size to a laptop battery, a straight banana, a wired phone, the handle of an umbrella or the length between a bull’s horns with the thickness of a calve’s hoofs.  Yes that got a little ridiculous.  Basically it’s really really small, one could go so far as to say it’s tiny.  Also, not that mass (weight for you cretins) has anything to do with it being the smallest portable printer it but for those of you who care it weighs in at a paltry 1.1 pounds meaning it’s super lightweight too.  One of the downsides (I’ll elaborate a little more on this later if I feel like it) is the black and white, or monochrome printing.

All of this mean that it’s a pretty gangster mobile printing device.  Yeah I bet you thought you’d never hear ‘gangster’ to describe a black and white portable printer.  But it is.  It’s small size makes it gangster like my apartment is ghetto.

What’s unique about the small PJ 6 Plus?


Obviously its most unique feature is its small size, but there are of course plenty more which are important to look over.  Firstly it’s capable of using Bluetooth, which is hardly unique in of itself, but considering the incredible portable nature of this device it makes it incredibly useful.  Imagine being in a field somewhere with only your laptop and your printer and, God forbid, no USB cable – do not worry!  Simply activate the Bluetooth in both devices and get printing.  But printing in a field is ridiculous, what about ‘in the field’.  What if you’re at a client’s place of business and you want to impress them by printing of the amended contracts then and there.  What if you’re on a plane and there are no printers in sight?  What if you’re in your car and you need to hand in some work or a receipt but wait,  you’re an idiot and you forgot it?  There are plenty of situations where it’ll come in handy.  The most useful situation which I read about are people in really obscure places like oilfields or building sites who need to print of hard core mathematical diagrams and work.

Brother’s PocketJet printers are the smallest mobile printers available


But wait just one moment Socrates.  There isn’t just one printer in Brother’s PocketJet range there are numerous devices which are similar but all slightly different.  If the thought of their uniquely small portable printers excites you like it does me then I suggest you check out my page on the various Brother portable printers for laptops here.  Brother manufactures a heck load of incredibly small and useful thermal mobile printers.  They’re small, black and white and very useful when used in conjunction with laptops via USB or Bluetooth.

One of the questions you need to ask yourself is where do you want to print, and what do you want to print?  I actually had one guy emailing me what would be the best printer do print of some work whilst skydiving.  I heavily recommended him the Brother PocketJet range and he did indeed do the jump.  Unfortunately it failed because the USB cable snapped and flew away and he wasn’t able to operate the Bluetooth in time.  After that there was some concern that the USB cable could have become tangled in the parachutes support wires but nevertheless it was an interesting idea.

Most people want a small mobile printer for work only purposes – but what if you wanted one for pleasure.  I received an email from one man who specifically wanted a photo capable portable printer which could connect directly to his camera.  He emailed me that he wanted to travel around Europe to take candid photographs and then print them off then and there for his subjects.  In this scenario obviously a black and white Brother printer isn’t well suited.  The printer must be both color and photo capable plus support PictBridge.  PictBridge allows the printer to be able to be able to connect to the camera directly to print of the photograph.  You can access simple settings via the camera’s screen interfaces and operate the printing from there.  I told him that the photo capable iP100 PIXMA by Canon was the best choice, he obliged in purchasing one and even sent me 50 dollars because he was very thankful – he couldn’t figure out himself which was the right choice to buy and he also didn’t want to carry around a laptop to serve as a ‘middle man’ linking the two devices together.

What are the alternatives if I want a more functional mobile printer?


In terms of greater functionality with regards to other portable printers there are maybe two or three main aspects which can be improved upon.  The first is of course color and perhaps by extension photo printing.  By photo printing I mean lab quality high resolution print outs done on glossy photograph paper – the real thing as so to speak.  Secondly WiFi printing is pretty important and something which Brother’s devices lack.  Finally high printing speeds are also very important.

If you want to find out about the alternative portable printers I suggest you check out the homepage of this website because it has absolutely everything you’re looking for.  Printers by HP and Canon are very well established and I personally think both are fine devices, although perhaps Canon has an edge over HP in certain aspects.

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