Small Mobile Printer (Perfect for Travelling Businessmen)

Small Mobile Printer models are the smallest of all the portable printers in the printing world.  Mobile printers themselves are smaller and more ‘carry-able’ then portable printers, and so logically small mobile printers are even smaller and more… portable as it were.

A good example of a small mobile printer would be a Printstik Mobile Printer, which is literally the length of a sheet of A4 paper, and being only around 2 inches thick.  This means you could quite comfortably hold this mobile printer in your hand, slip it into a pocket, or more often just store it in a small bag or briefcase.

It offers real meaning to the term ‘portable printer’, because its use isn’t anything house-bound any more.

What I mean to say by this is that a lot of portable printers for laptops, and in fact portable printers in general are actually used more in the house then anywhere.

They are bought to be shared amongst a number of people so not one person is burdened with the task of printing everyone’s work – although in fairness a wireless printer server would do this task just as well really.

A small printer is designed specifically to be smaller and have a much lower mass then most portable printers.  It’s produced without all the functions and ability of large portable printers although depending on how you use it, this is certainly seen by most to be advantageous.  Some people who say that if a printer can do less then another printer it must be worse.

This couldn’t be further from the case because small mobile printers are designed specifically to be small and compact.  This means that admittedly they can’t do everything some printers can do, but if all the extras and add-on’s were to put installed onto a small mobile printer it would cease to be anywhere near as mobile or small.

It’s a compromise between what you need, and what the printer much deliver.  This means that most people don’t need all the fancy extras of a portable printer, all they need are the basic functions.  They need it to print to a reasonable standard, generally in black and white, and to print of a few hundred sheets before it needs re-charging.

With a small mobile printer this is all made possible, because its lack of extras means it can do the basics do an exceptional degree.  When all is done and said, a printer is for printing, and it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t have all the lights and bells as long as it can do the job it was meant to do quickly and effectively.

These printers are very useful devices for businessmen and office workers who need printing when they aren’t in their offices.  Instead of driving all the way back to wherever they print, it’s simply a matter of whipping out the mobile printer.  Connecting it to a laptop, and moments later printing out what’s needed and necessary such as documents and contracts.  Time is saved, efficiency is increased and the clients will even come away impressed all because of small wireless mobile printing devices!

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