The Resolution on the Canon PIXMA iP100 is the Best for Mobile Printers

If you want the mobile printer which has the best resolution then the Canon PIXMA iP100 is the definite winner.

In terms of maximum specifications you’ll find that it allows for 9600 x 2400 dots per inch at its highest settings for high resolution photo printing.

By comparison its rival HP competitor – the OfficeJet 100 only has 4800 x 1200 dpi – in fact all other portable printers by both HP and Canon have no higher than this figure.

So what do this mean?

  • It means that if you want the best printing quality possible then the iP100 is the best printer for you.
  • It’s also the cheapest out of the two, and by both user reviews and personal experience it’s the most reliable.

Is it all good news?

Actually no.

When it comes to monochrome (black and white) printing it has 600 x 600 dpi – which is admittedly the exact same as the OfficeJet 100 – but there are a few other competitors out there which have 1200 x 1200 monochrome printing (however they have lower color resolutions).

Is this important?

Actually it’s not very important.

When it comes to monochrome printing the Canon PIXMA iP100 performs equally as well as most laser jet printers for crisp black text.

The most important area for resolution figures is color printing because you have multiple colors at work.

For monochrome printing it isn’t as important and user reviews have reported pleasing results.

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