Problems Caused by Moving Parts

Moving Parts cause the most Breakdowns…


You’ll find that time and time again that moving parts within an inkjet printer are a significant cause of problems regarding the device’s hardware.

Firstly, if you’re interested in learning more about this device, check out our portable printers based on inkjet technology page.

There are several areas of an inkjet portable printer which let down the overall design:

  • Firstly the inkjet head, but most importantly the sections which power it are the most susceptible to breaking.

Picture a finely calibrate piece of hardware which was primarily designed to sit on a desk for years at a time without moving.

Now picture it being thrown around in a bag on a plane, or carried in hand – it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that if you move around moving parts too much you’re going to have problems.

  • Inkjet heads and their propulsion systems are calibrated to high degrees of accuracy, and by dislodging them you can cause errors ranging from minor to major.
    • There could be a problem as small as a fixable alignment error, which the printer itself detects and repairs.
    • It could be as serious as the small motor system which powers the inkjet head is completely unusable.
      • This means perhaps a hundred or so more dollars for a replacement; sometimes it’s cheaper to just replace the entire device.

Problems with Open Space


Here at WPP we’ve also identified that open spaces where the moving parts move into whilst printing are also a problem.

These are two main issues that they cause:

  • Firstly the open spaces within the printer allow for the accumulation of particulates which overtime causes blockages.
    • This won’t be a problem for many people, but using it in an environment which is dusty will soon (around 6 months) lead to blockage malfunctions.  In this case a thermal device would be best because they have either no or almost no moving parts.
    • The open spaces greatly increase the chances of a blow to the device cause damage internally.
      • If everything is compact and pressed together then you’re not going to have any problems.
      • You can throw a mobile phone down onto a bed and there aren’t any problems, because it’s packed so tightly together and contained within that everything’s kept in place.  This wouldn’t work with a printer.

So if you’re Looking for Reliability…


At WPP we generally find that in most cases inkjet devices are the best option for most of our clients.  But there’s no doubting for one second that if you’re looking for the device that has the best performance when it comes to lifespan and durability than a thermal device is better than an inkjet one.

Ultimately most people aren’t willing to take the downsides associated with thermal technology.

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