Printing Speeds of Portable Inkjet Technology Printers

What you should expect in terms of Printing Speeds…

As you would expect mobile printers are a sacrifice between capabilities and portability, and in the case of an inkjet based device it’s no different.

You can expect it to be slower and less responsive than desktop counterparts of which are ¼ of the price.

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They’re much Faster than many People Presume

But it’s not all bad news, not by a long shot, and ultimately you’ll find that they’re nowhere near as bad as people make them out to be.

  • When you compared them to thermally based technology you’ll see that they’re far superior, and most modern devices reach a level which you would expect.

The examples I’m going to be giving are based on the latest models, the reason for this being that they’re similar (if not cheaper in some cases) in price, superior tech support and better capabilities.

There’s absolutely no reason to get an older device in 99% of cases, I only occasionally recommend them to some people on some occasions.

If you were to look at the two types of printing technology – inkjet and thermal – you’ll find that if you compare their printers against each other than inkjet devices are far quicker.

  • For example the printing speeds for the Canon PIXMA iP100 and OfficeJet 100 are a little over 20 pages per minute for monochrome (black and white) each.
  • By comparison Brother’s latest thermal device the PJ 6 Plus can only print at 6 pages per minute, it’s clearly far slower.

Although 20 ppm isn’t admittedly as fast as stationary devices, we here at WirelessPortablePrinter.Net feel that they’re more then acceptable – especially once you consider that of course their specifications are going to be inferior due to their transportability.

Here are the Average Printing Speeds

Generally you won’t be disappointed:

  • 20 PPM for monochrome.
  • 13 PPM for color.
  • 2 PPM for photographs.

I’ve yet to encounter more than one or two people who though that these were unacceptable.

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