What you need to know about Printer Servers

Printer Servers are a method in which you connect to printer via multiple printers allowing a printer to be used by more than one computer. This allows any device, generally being a desktop computer with access to the printer network to print from it at any moment.

There are lots of different types of printer servers, such as wireless printer servers which allow wireless interactions.  Meaning that instead of cables going from printer to computer, each computer and printer simply connects to a wireless connection to form these types of printer servers.

A printer server has the massive advantage of having multiple computers, and hence more likely multiple users being able to connect to a a generally smaller amount of printers. This means that not every computer needs a printer, and so office costs are substantially reduce by this lack of cost. This is especially true when costs such as printer maintance are added into the equation.

This is very useful not so much to larger corporations, but to small businesses, where buying multiple computers can be a large cost. One thing it helps to do is increase the speed of office workers, because instead of having single printers each which they turn on to print when they need to. Printer servers tend to have a single dedicated printer that’s always on to provide printing on demand.

But printer servers shouldn’t just be for office printing, but I’d say that it has massive uses in home printing too – if not more so. Many families up and down the country tend to have up to four people with a variety of computers and laptops in their household. It seems unresnable that each must have a printer, but what is more plausible is in fact to create wireless printer servers involving all computers – meaning that printing isn’t a stressful ordeal for the person who’s in control of the printer. But it’s everyone else in the houses responsbility to make sure things run smoothly and to print of what’s needed and necessary.

Services such as Linksys Wireless Print servers really do make things easier for families and offices that need printing to be done but can’t afford large amounts of printers. They vastly reduce the need for portable printers, and offer exceptional value for money and affordability. It means that instead of a family or co-workers arguing over who uses the printer first, it’s simply a case of clicking ‘print’ on whatever you need. This saves time, and streamlines whatever it is you’re doing – whether getting nagged into printing of your son’s homework, or printing of an important contract for your boss

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