Cool Portable Travel Printers for the Ipad 2

If you’re looking for a printer for the IPad 2 which you want to use when you’re traveling then I recommend a portable printer manufactured by either Canon or HP.

My main article on travel printing with the IPad 2 is similar to this article albeit perhaps  a little bit in-depth, and if you want to find compatible printers then you should utilize this page.

Printing with the IPad

Your first option is the Canon PIMXA IP100 which is the most popular IPad travel printer and is always the option I suggest the first because of its core functionality and reliability.

Although HP’s OfficeJet 100 was released 3 years after the IP100 it’s much less reliable as you can tell from the Amazon Reviews I’ve linked to you above.

It’s larger which reduces its portability and it offers very few benefits on top of the IP100 which are going to be meaningful for the vast majority of people.  Unless you’re a professional photographer who needs high resolution photo printing whilst travelling you’ll want to opt for greater reliability whilst in the field over modifications which you probably won’t need.

These printers are able to utilize both wireless connectivity (via wireless access points found in most major airports, cafes and so forth) as well as Bluetooth.

Most people will probably find that the most useful connectivity option is the wireless access interface.  Wireless points are everywhere nowadays and since most people are always connected to the internet than this is the best option.

Most people who buy this type of equipment are going on business trips and are staying in hotels – all of which have wifi nowadays.

If the unlikely situation occurs and you’re not close to any access points then you can of course utilize Bluetooth on the printer to print of what you need.

 It’s important to remember that another good option for the IPad is EPrint which I’ll briefly go over here too.

Essentially shops with EPrint enabled printers can have the information you need printing sent to them which allows you to find locations in cities all over the world, send your photographs/work and then go and collect what you need and pay them the due amount.

There are tens of thousands of locations worldwide and this figure is constantly growing which means that for many people it’s a more useful option than having to physically carry around a printer with them all the time.

That said the two printers from Canon and HP which I mentioned above are incredibly small being slightly larger and heavier than a laptop which means that carrying them around isn’t too much of a burden.

There are specific laptops and printer cases too, for example there’s a combined printer and laptop case for the OfficeJet 100 which many people find to be very useful.

Although there’s no specifically produced case for the IP100 there are websites which have many different types and sizes of laptop/printer cases which means you can find something which is suitable.

One thing which you need to be careful about is travelling on a plane with your printers (especially if the ink cartridges are full) because the pressure can cause problems.  If your printer is in a suitcase filled with expensive clothing and suits then I’m sure you can see how this will become a massive problem – especially if you have a business meeting to attend upon arrival at your destination.

Generally I’d recommend printing off several sheets of color and black and white paper just to make sure that the ink cartridges aren’t too full.  Ultimately you need to check the specific instructions from your manufacturer to make sure that everything’s fine.

People who want to print while travelling probably won’t be able to utilize wireless AirPrint because these are generally home printers and they’re far too large to carry around with you.

It’s also worth pointing out that they’re not used in printing shops and ePrint is the main ‘big thing’ for wireless printing.

A lot of people who utilize ePrint will email the documents to a printer shop at the airport they’re arriving too, and then upon arrival they’ll simply collect their work and move on.

If you required any further information on mobile printing then I suggest you peruse this website at your own leisure.  There’s lots of useful information which I’ve written and it’s all based around the suitable products, internal technology, pricing and most importantly what’s best for your situation.

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