What’s important to understand about portable scanner printers…

A lot of people tend to overestimate how good portable scanner printers will be, especially when they compare them with portable printers.  Most portable printers nowadays can just about equal that of desktop printers (at an increased price of course), but when it comes to scanning, printing and portability there are few real alternatives on offer.  I’ts by far usually the scanner which is a let down.

The truth is when it comes to ‘portability’ it is definitely possible to buy portable scanner printers which are almost as good – but at the expensive of the portable aspect.  Being ‘portable’ means you should be able to reasonably comfortably carry it around with you, and when it comes to some portable scanners that are double the weight of laptops then clearly you have a problem on your hands.

Portable Scanner Printer

Portable Scanner Printer

Now that’s not to say there aren’t an awful lot of reasonable scanners, but if you want really crisp, high quality images then you’re going to have to look elsewhere or be prepared to be carrying around a preposterously heavy and bulky model.  On the other hand a lot of people just want printer scanners for quickly scanning a few sheets of text document and then reprinting the same thing.  If you want to scan text or moderate detail images then you won’t have any serious issues; but just remember they won’t be anywhere near the ultra-high quality that most modern day scanners allow.

Most of these types of scanning portable printers are ‘feed through’ in design meaning that instead of placing the piece of paper on a glass plate before closing the lid and scanning it, it actually gets fed through a much smaller scanning device.  This allows the size of the device to be vastly reduced as well as its weight, which lends real credibility to the name ‘portable’.  Most devices which scan/print to much high qualities are not portable in any real sense of the word.  You may be able to pick it up and carry it from room to room, but they’re not truly mobile devices in the sense that you can carry them in your bag or even your pocket.

On the other hand there are cheap wireless mobile printers out there that you can actually carrying in your pocket, albeit a somewhat larger pocket than normal.

You can find mobile or wifi portable printers which are just as small such as the PrintStik printer which is just a little longer than a sheet of A4 paper and only a few inches thick.

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