Portable Scanner Printers

Working is one of the main reasons why people opt to go for portable printers which also double up as a scanner.

There are a number of reasons to go for this type of device:

  • The ability to scan documents while travelling without needing to carry around a large desktop model.
  • Wide range of scanning capabilities, including the ability to directly edit the text you’ve just scanned.
  • Portable, lightweight, compact and compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems.

Unfortunately there is no device which operates as both a scanner and a printer, if you do not believe me, please leave this page open and do your own research.

When you discover we are correct then you can proceed to read through our portable scanner recommendations.

Portable Scanner Printers

Portable Scanner for Printers

The Bottom Line about Scanning while Travelling


If you want portable scanning and printing while on the move then it’s necessary to purchase a portable scanner and printer seperately – there are no combination products.

Two different Scanning Possibilities


There are only two ways to both scan and print whilst travelling.  By this I mean without needing to carry around a bulky desktop unit which requires a constant AC connection.

  • Neither of these options is particularly cheap, however both offer different and satisfactory outcomes for the two likely situations which people would require this type of product.
  1. Either a HP or Canon portable inkjet printer with a portable scanner.
  2. A thermal mobile printer used in tandem with a portable scanner.

We recommend the first option.

Portable Scanner Printers

Portable Scanner for Mobile Printers

Mobile Inkjet Printer with Portable Scanner


This is the best solution in terms of:

  • Price.
  • Printer capabilities.
These two things are the only things you should be looking at if you want to pick the perfect arrangement.

Mobile scanners generally allow for 600 dots per inch resolution scanning (in 90% of the devices out there) which isn’t good enough for lab-quality photographs but which is perfect for regular pictures and certainly for crisp black text.

A mobile inkjet printer allows for rapid printing in high quality for pictures, text and photographs via wireless or wired connectivity.

  •  This is for people who want the capabilities of a desktop inkjet printer, and a mobile scanner.
  • If you’re interested in the differences between inkjet and thermal technology I suggest you read the inkjet page below.
We suggest you visit out small and best portable scanners page to find out which scanner we recommend based on your situation.

To learn more about mobile inkjet printers you can also check out its appropriate page.

Portable Scanner Printers

Portable Scanner

Thermal Printer and Scanner


The option of the combination of a thermal printer and a mobile scanner may seem a little confusing at first, but if you mainly want monochrome (black and white) text scanning and printing whilst wanting to carry as little weight as possible then this is definitely for you.

  • Thermal technology printers are ultra lightweight (generally around 1-1.4 pounds), compact (as small as laptop batteries) and allow wireless connectivity.
  • Portable scanning devices are exactly the same in terms of portability.

Ultimately this is the trade-off you’re receiving:

  • Two lightweight and small devices which allow for scanning and printing.
  • At the expense of printing color because thermal printers can only print red and black.

Using a portable thermal printer in conjunction with a mobile scanner is the perfect solution for those who need transportability and to only print off black and white work.

What’s Right for You…


The question is very simple, do you want…

An inkjet printer with far superior printing capabilities (increased resolution, speed and color printing) at the expense of its portability.

Or do you want a a highly portable thermal device aimed at monochrome text/picture printing, which is limited in capabilities but perfect for those who just want basic A4 sized work related documents scanned and printed.