Small A4 Portable Printers for Cars with Bluetooth

If you’re trying to discover which is the best portable printer suited for your car then your search stops here.  I tell you everything you need to know about what to look for, as well as what to avoid.  Find out more below.

When it comes to finding the right portable printer you need to decide exactly how portable you need it to be.  In some cases people need really tiny portable printers, but in this case you don’t need anything which is too small because you don’t need to be physically carrying it around.

In this instance I would suggest an inkjet-based portable printer would be ideal for your car.  There are a few key reasons for this as I’ll outline below.  To start with they’re essentially portable versions of their stationary counterparts minus a few secondary functionalities.

This is in contrast to thermal based devices which are minus a few core functionalities such as printing speeds and high resolution print outs.  Inkjet printers on the other hand don’t have such glaring weaknesses.  They’re not as fast admittedly, they’re resolution may not be quite as good but when contrasted with thermal based devices which are nowhere near whatsoever, they’re a very worthy mobile device.

When you’re looking for potentially Bluetooth portable printers for cars you’ll want something which can do pretty much everything a stationary printer can do minus some of the less important capabilities.  So for example don’t expect your printer to be able to send faxes or scan documents because I’ve not seen any yet which have managed to perform these tasks up to a reasonable standard which would make them worth the price.

On the other hand they print to high resolutions, they can easily hit around 4800 x 1200 dpi for color and 600 x 600 dots per inch for black and white.  Now these are hardly the very best but truth be told they’re not that far from the best and considering you’re getting a mobile printer for the car it’s a sacrifice that most people are willing to allow.

Most people looking for this type of a device are looking for wireless mobile printers for cars to be used with laptops sas opposed to something which needs a PDA, Ipad or smart phone to print from.  From this perspective you’re in luck because a lot of mobile printers can easily be incompatible with lots of different mobile devices, but laptops are pretty much universally able to transfer data to most printers.

Moving on to data transferring your options are much more open when you pick an inkjet printer because you almost always have the option of a wireless Bluetooth adapter.  These are either purchased as Compact Flash cards to be slotted into your printer, as usb dongles, or as internally mounting devices.

 This is a really useful addition which is perfect to turn your device into a wireless portable printer and it allows you an ease-of-use printing experience which doesn’t come a long all to often.  You’ll also find some which can connect to wireless access points (wifi printers) which are very useful in locations such as airports, hotels or even your own home.

Finally many also have infrared connectivity which I feel is a little pointless in the modern era because frankly it was old technology when I was young and it’s certainly old technology now.

I really do think that inkjet-based printers are the way to go as long as you’re leaving it in the car.  If you’re carrying it about then I’d almost certainly go to thermal-based print mechanisms which are far smaller and lightweight.

But those two things aren’t a problem for your car to handle, and it allows you to have a much better experience because you’ll essentially have a scaled down stationary printer missing a few capabilities which you wouldn’t use anyway – certainly not from your car.

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