Portable Printers Bargain

If you’re looking to find portable printers which are a bargain then I’d suggest that there are two main methods for finding what you’re looking for as I’ll outline.  Find out more below.

When it comes to getting great bargains there are essentially two main aspects which I’ve broken the topic down into to make things easier.  Firstly there’s buying devices which are no longer widely produced, and so aren’t publicized anywhere near as much but which still retain 80-90% of the capabilities that their replacements have at 1/4 of the price.  Now I’m no mathematician but that works at pretty well.

The best places to find both good printers which are cheap is Amazon, but I’m just going to give you a few warnings.  You need to really show vigilance when it comes to buying a mobile printer which is either re-furbished or second hand.  Some of those products just flat out won’t work so what you need to do to make sure you’re not getting ripped of is to check out the Amazon seller.  Some of them won’t have any feed back, so avoid them.  Some of them will have some feedback but the reviews will be fake and it’s up to you to check whether the people are ‘real people’ and the purchases are ‘Amazon verified’.

The onus is on you, but a lot of the time you’ll definitely find a printer which someone reputable is selling.  Now obviously when you buy the latest version of anything you pay a premium for having the best, it’s true in the mobile phone industry and it’s definitely true in the portable printer’s game.  The best thing to do is to go 1-2 generations back.  A lot of people think this involves them buying really substandard products but when it comes to printers in general very few improvements have been made over the years in my opinion.  Sure they go to higher resolutions and they’re quicker but that doesn’t mean they’ve completely reinvented the product.

Another thing which is important to watch out for when buying portable printers is to make sure that you’re getting everything you need with the initial purchase.  Most printers come without batteries or Bluetooth adapters which makes them very much stationary and very much in need of wires.  To avoid this you need to either make sure those peripheral items comes with the printer itself, and in most cases they don’t by the way.  You also need to make sure that you’ve calculated just how expensive they are because I’m telling you right now that a lithium-ion battery which is what you’ll find in most printers (occasionally there are nickel ones) are easily a hundred dollars.  When it comes to the Bluetooth adapter you can expect to be 20-70 dollars and you need to remember that these are device specific.  You can’t just use an old one, or plug something in and hope for the best they’re only for a specific model – or occasionally the same product line.

This is the second aspect where you’re saving money because when you total the costs the extras which you need to create a wireless portable printer can easily cost as much as the printer itself.  On the other hand when people are trying to sell there’s on they have no need for any of these extras because the battery or Bluetooth doesn’t work with any other mobile printer and hence they’re willing to sell theirs for a much cheaper price.  This can clearly save substantially in savings if you’re getting let’s say the battery for 20 bucks instead of a 100 and around 15 dollars for the Bluetooth – there are massive savings to be made.  You don’t need to buying everything from one person and you’ll often find that websites such as Ebay are great for tracking down the individual components needed.

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