The Best Portable Printers for the iPad (Compatible, Wireless and Small)

Two of the three main portable printers are iPad (1 and 2) compatible and will work with the iPad without the need for a substantial amount of technical skill.

The three main portable printers at the moment are the Canon PIXMA iP100, HP OfficeJet 100 and the Brother PocketJet 6 Plus.  Unfortunately the PocketJet 6 Plus is incompatible because it only has Bluetooth wireless connectivity and you need a WiFi connection (access to a WAP – Wireless Access Point).

(iPad Compatible – Canon PIXMA iP100)

(iPad Compatible – HP OfficeJet 100)

(Not iPad Compatible – Brother PocketJet 6 Plus)

Here’s what you need.

Firstly you need a WiFi connection – if your iPhone or iPad is capable of creating a WiFi network then that’s perfect.

Second you need a printer capable of connecting to the network.

Thirdly you need to download an application for your iPhone/iPad which will allow you to send the files over the wireless connection, the best I’ve found is – it’s 20 dollars – please note I am not affiliated with them in anyway and I do not earn a commission if you buy their App (even though I should).

Fourthly you need to buy either the Canon PIXMA iP100 or HP OfficeJet 100 from Amazon.  Amazon is recommended because the products will have the latest firmware and drivers which is important for the App to work.  Remember these printers are 3 and 1 years old respectively and most less trust worthy websites do not bother to make sure their suppliers ship the correct software.

Finally, if you do not have the up-to-date software required then you need to research how to correctly install the required files, I’ve personally not found this difficult however it certainly takes a decent amount of printer and software experience (I am a printer nerd after all!)

Please Note:

If you are not knowledgeable about which printer to purchase then I’ll very briefly go over the strengths and weaknesses of both.

Canon PIXMA iP100

  1. Around 50 dollars cheaper.
  2. More reliable (based on my own experience and Amazon reviews).
  3. Slightly smaller size (10% approx) and around one pound lighter (20% approx).
  4. Double the printing resolution.
Canon PIMXA iP100 - iPad Compatible

OfficeJet 100

  1. Faster printing speeds (from 10% and 5% increase in monochrome and black and white printing respectively).
  2. Cheaper and larger ink cartridges (which are also more efficient at reducing ink wastage) which results in long term ink savings.
HP OfficeJet 100 - iPad Compatible


I hope this has helped you to find the best portable printers which works with the iPad.  Canon and HP have older devices which may be possibly be compatible but because they’re old and similar in price I have chosen not to test whether they’re compatible with the iPad – there is no reason to (aside from helping people who already have an old portable printer but this groups is in such a minority I do not have time to help them).

Please remember that you need to create or have access to a wireless access point to print using your iPad (or iphone).

It is not possible (with the current Apple OS) to print using Bluetooth (unless you have exceptional programming knowledge of course – I have chosen not to produce a guide for this type of printing because the procedure is complex and errors can cause ‘break’ your iPad).

You do not need to use the App I have linked at the top of the page however it’s the App I have personally tested and know works, I am not responsible if you try something else – that’s not to say they won’t work but I haven’t tested other Apps myself.  You’ll need to do your own research.

Having up-to-date and correct drivers for your printer is important, and the reason I have chosen to direct you to Amazon is to provide you with  impartial reviews (give greater weight to ‘Amazon Vine’, ‘Real Person’ and ‘Amazon Verified Purchase’ reviews more than others), technical information, and  finally, an easy method of comparing the two best portable printers.


Jonny Bell