Looking for Information on Cheap Portable Printer Battery packs?

People buy a portable printer battery for two reasons, to replace an old one or to have a spare one for times of substantial power consumption.

One great thing about portable printers is that when you buy them they give a usually very accurate amount of paper will be printed before the battery runs out.  As you would expect this amount varies a lot due to the size of the printer, size of the battery, amount/size of cells within the batter, whether it prints in color, and how much ink is printed on the page and so on.

I’d say a fairly average figure of how much can be printed would be around 100, but as you can imagine this figure can vary massively so I’d take it as a very rough estimate only.  This is usually enough for most people, in fact usually just a few sheets of paper is enough for most.

If you do need the battery recharging on the go when you’re in your car you can usually purchase cigarette-lighter charger. You just have to plug it into your cigarette lighter in your car and it’ll charge up your portable printer battery!

If you’re looking to replace an old one then you should know that some of these batteries can be quite expensive.  You can also keep the device printing as long as it’s connected to a power source.  This may seem a self-defeating statement since this printer is meant to be ‘portable’.  But it may have some uses if the portable aspect is just so you can move it room to room easier.  Not only this, but if you have a cigarette-lighter charger such as I talked about above then as long as it’s always connected it should print.

If you are the kind of person who needs literally hundreds of sheets of paper printing all while on the go then you may need a second battery.  I’d recommend getting one with the greatest amount of cells you can for maximum battery life. I should warn you though that this will increase its size as well.  It may be more useful and cost less to find a way of powering it on the go such as with the cigarette-light charger.  Buying a portable printer battery is expensive, sometimes a lot of the cost of the wireles sportable printer is for the battery itself, so unless you have a lot of money buying one should be more of a last resort!

When you own a mobile printer it’s sometimes worth investing in a portable printer battery for several reasons.

Firstly it means that if you print out a lot of work while on the go you don’t have to be limited by power restrictions.  Most printers have an estimated set amount of paper they have the power to print out before they shut down.  This can vary a lot but to give you a ballpark figure it’s between 50-250 sheets.  After this the printer then has to be fully recharged before it can print the average amount again.

Now this quantity is fine for the majority of people, I’d even go so far as to say its fine for the vast majority of people.  Nevertheless there are some people out there that need a lot of printing!  For these people if they need so much printing done in one go without recharging then clearly a spare battery may be for them.  The prices vary substantially, but as far as batteries go it’s fair to say that they aren’t cheap.  They’re relatively similar in price to laptop batteries – possibly slightly cheaper – but not significantly so.  They’re also quite bulky so it’s not something you want to be carrying around with you – not for any serious length of time anyway.

I wouldn’t say that a portable printer battery actually has very many uses seeing as most mobile printers are kept in the car.  In this case a lot of the larger printers also have cigarette charger lighter adaptors which you can attach to power the printer. This is much more preferable to dishing out easily a hundred or so dollars on a battery, because you can keep your printer permanently printing even without being back at home.  On the other hand they’re usually more useful for wireless portable printer units because these tend to be facilitated more towards being carried on the person as opposed to in a car where it could be charged alternatively.

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