Portable Inkjet Photo Printer – high quality photos

One aspect about inkjet based portable printer devices is their ability to print high resolution glossy photos, but there are a few important things which you need to recognize.  Find out more below.

When it comes to portable printing most people are under the mistaken impression that they’re incapable of producing really fantastic quality pieces of work.  To an extent this is true if you’re an artist of professional photographer and you want to whip out incredibly high resolution pieces of work.  On the other hand most of these devices can print to high resolution photo quality standard which for the vast majority of people is more than enough to meet their demands.

If you’re looking to buy this type of inkjet-based printing device there are essentially two resolution figures you’ll be looking at if you want a device produced within the last 5-6 years (and you most certainly do both in terms of price and performance).  The first is by far the most common and its 4800 x 1200 dpi, and the second is 9600 x 2400 dpi.  The first figure is more than capable of printing high resolution photos and the second figure seems almost too much and should be suited for practically everyone.

One great aspect about all of the latest versions from both HP and Canon is their varying photo paper sizes which the device can use.  All of them present a variety some have less and include more standard dimensions such as regular 4 x 6 inch, 4 x 7 and 6 x 10.  But a lot of them can support 10-20 different sizes ranging from as small as business cards (just imagine a glossy photo quality business card) and going all the way up to larger than A4 size photographs.  You’ll actually find that all of the latest inkjet based devices are all portable photo printers because all of them have the capacity for lab-quality photo prints.

I’m sure that you can see right away that people’s common perceptions that they’re inferior aren’t significant substantiated.  I’ll admit that in terms of core specifications for photo printing they are worse, but I’d say that the standard which they can reach is almost indistinguishable from their stationary counterparts – and goes beyond the human ability to differentiate between that many dots in such a small space.  One printer worth looking into is the PIXMA iP90v Photo Inkjet Printer

What’s more is that they’re reasonably fast as well – most take around 50-90 seconds for a high quality photograph which means that although they’re a little slower they’re not significantly so.

All of these things mean that portable inkjet printer devices are more than capable of producing high quality pictures – and considering they’re used for their mobility as opposed to at the home they’re definite step up from when earlier versions didn’t used to be able to print out anywhere close to this level high quality.

If you are looking for portable printers which can whip out great photographs then you’re in luck because all of them apart from thermally based designs are more than able to meet the needs of a vast majority of people.  Sure they’re not going to be perfect for everyone – but I think 95% of people will be more than happy with their purchase.

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