Portable Computer Printers

Portable computer printers are a new generation of portable printers which are intended more for home use above all else.

You may ask what’s the point of buying a portable printer for a home environment, and it’s usually the case that there was only one printer before shared by multiple people.

The point is that instead of their only being one printer with the person who owns that printer or at least having it in their room having the onus to print everyone else’s work there should in fact be a collective effort to print what’s yours.

  • With a stationary printer it usually falls on one person to fulfill the printing needs of the many.  On the other hand if this printer is portable it means it can be easily moved from room to room.
  • This takes little time and less effort so it means that people are responsible for their own printing needs.  This adds a collective effort to maintain the printer as well as restocking it and charging it when it needs to.

It also means that when a families printing demands increase, perhaps when their children are older and printing of more work they have an easier time doing so.  It’s also much cheaper than buying everyone printers, which themselves are no longer particularly expensive.

So instead of spending perhaps 80 dollars per printer for 3-4 people you can buy a wireless portable printer for 120 dollars which helps everyone.

WPP Help in Finding Mobile Printers

The WPP Team is dedicated to helping people find the right portable printing devices for them without confusing them with a lot of technical rhetoric.

This involved identifying what it is you’re looking for, everyone has an ideal device in their mind.  Maybe you want it small enough to fit in a jacket pocket, or with Bluetooth – who knows.  What we do know is that if it exists we can find it for you, if it doesn’t the we can show you to a device that’s as close as technology has progressed too.

We know everything regarding printing technology, the different brands and latest devices, check our WPP homepage to find out more details and guides to help you find what you need!


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