Portable Computer Printer – get the facts

A portable computer printer is a portable printer designed specifically for use with a printer, as opposed to a laptop or smart phone.

When most people hear the phrase ‘portable printer’, they instant think of someone taking a printer out of their bag on the morning commute and then proceeding to print of some work.  Although they definitely have a use for people who both travel a lot and printer a lot, they have a much greater amount of practical use within the home.  Most people think that portable printers would have no or very little use within the home – this couldn’t be further from the truth.  A really good analogy of how they’re utilized would be to liken them to laptops which are of course just portable computers.  They clearly do have a use while travelling, but the majority of people use them more around their homes than they do while out and about.

Getting a portable printer is really useful for the whole family because it means you’re not relying on one person to print what you need anymore.  Up until recently most households had one printer, but as people’s demands for printing have increased there’s clearly more demands made of that one printer. It’s not a case that the printer can’t handle the tasks give to it, it’s that the person in control of the printer will struggle with them.  It’s usually one of the parents who have to deal with the printing, generally the printer is in the father’s office and he has to handle requests.  But things can get very stressful for the parent in this environment because they’re constantly handling requests all the time having usb sticks and floppy disks thrust into their face.

Having one person handle the printing puts all of the emphasis onto them which is clearly unfair.  On the other hand when you have a portable computer printer you can distribute the printer fairly to who needs it.  Instead of the person who has it in their room being press ganged into the household printer guy it’s not everyone’s responsibility.  If you want something printed you take the printer to your room, plug it in, check the paper and ink tanks and get printing.  There’s no longer emphasis on one person, but rather on the collective.  What are even more useful are wireless portable printer machines because you don’t even need to take the printer to your room.  All you literally need to do is make sure you’re both connected to the wireless network and hit the ‘print’ button!

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