Portability of Thermal Printers

The most Mobile Technology Available

If you’re looking for the absolute most portable printing technology than thermal devices are certainly what you must be aiming for.

Firstly, if you’re interested in learning about all aspects, check out the thermal technology mobile printers for further details.

There are two core characteristics which you need to look at when you’re assessing the transportability of this type of device:

  • Weigh in pounds.
  • Physical dimensions in inches.

You’ll find that in both of these areas thermal devices are vastly superior to their inkjet counterparts, the average amounts are:

  • 1-1.4 pounds.
  • Similar to a laptop’s battery in size.

I’ve opted to specifically not give average width, depth and length figures because they don’t really mean anything to a lot of people.

  • As you can see their weight is around ¼ that of their opponents, and their size is also considerably smaller.

You also definitely need to consider the accessories which you inevitably need to take when printer whilst travelling.

Don’t forget carrying the peripheral items too…

For example thermal paper is stored in rolls within the main body of the small monochrome thermal mobile printers, obviously this means that you need far less space.  Regular paper is very space consuming because it all needs to lie flat, but you don’t need to worry about this with inkjet technology.

Next they also don’t use ink cartridges, here at WPP we think it’s a significant advantages – especially for air travelers because the pressure build up can cause problems with leakage.  Most manufacturer’s recommend using some of the ink before hand, and this is a costly and messy procedure.

Next they allow for internal wireless options such as in-built Bluetooth adapters, as opposed to a Compact Flash card or usb dongle.

  • When combined with a lightweight and compact device all of these things make thermal printers incredible versatile mobile devices.

Learning more about Thermal Printers

If you want to learn more about thermal monochrome printing devices designed for portable consumer use you can visit our homepage mobile printer to find out more.

We offer information on the best brands and manufacturers, the different types of printing technology and out recommendations on the best devices based on your situation.

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