Canon PIXMA iP90v – Canon’s number two!

If you’re looking for Canon’s second best portable inkjet printer then you’ve ended up finding the second best in the world too.  From numerous reviews and ratings the PIXMA iP90v is placed consistently above almost every other single mobile printer.  It’s very rare to see such positive’s said so frequently.
Find out why it’s the best below.

This is a great printer, let me tell you why.  Just remember its replacement the PIXMA iP100 mobile photo printer by Canon has been released so you’ll definitely be wanting to take a look at that first!

A Quick Look at some Meaningful Specifications…


Firstly let’s just look at specifications to begin with to give us a clear cut idea of what you’re getting for your money.  As per usual I’ll start by taking a look at how portable it actually is, and this part of the review encompasses both the size and weight of the item.

To start with the PIXMA iP90v weighs just 4 pounds make it a little more lightweight that most average mobile printers which I’d say tend to be around 4.5 pounds.  Its dimensions are probably a little above average at 12.3 x 2.1 x 6.9 inches, but both are still far within the boundaries of solid portability.  This is perfect for the travelling businessman, and will more than comfortably fit a long side laptops or in rucksacks.

It’s a photo printer and as such has very high resolution capabilities: its black and white hits 600 x 600 dots per inch, and its color photo printing is 4800 x 1200 dpi.  These are both two very good resolution print out figures, if you’re looking for photo-quality print outs then you’ve found it – this isn’t like or near photo quality, this is photo quality.

All the pictures and text are perfectly crisp and unless you let the print heads try out for not using it for months then you won’t have any problems.  Its printing speeds are also very good, not the best but they’re definitely within the top 20% at 16 pages per minute for black and white and 12ppm for color.

If you’re travelling a lot and you need a quality printer which is rugged and portable then you’re onto a winner, it may not be quite as good as Canon’s ‘best’ which is the Canon PIXMA iP100 but it’s certainly not far from.  What’s more is it comes with several great connectivity options including the standard USB and direct print ports – but it also has infrared and optional Bluetooth.  If you do want the Bluetooth you need to buy a specific adapter and plug it in for wireless printer.

If you want absolute portability then you need to purchase the lithium-ion battery which itself is incredibly useful if you don’t have constant AC power.

Let’s take a look at the most positive aspects of the iP9oV


Now we’ve gotten through the technical specifications of the PIXMA iP90v let’s take a look at who this printer is perfect for as well as its reliability.  Purely from a reliability viewpoint this printer really does excel.

One drawback of having inkjet mobile printer devices is that they all inherently use moving parts as part of the printing mechanisms.  Seeing as these are all mobile printers which are being moved, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that if you’re constantly moving moving parts then breaks can and will occasionally occur.

However the great thing about this printer is it seems that unlike some of the previous models such as the Canon i80, a lot of the kinks have been worked out.

  • I’m not going to sit here and say it’s definitely not going to break, but purely from a statistical standpoint I think there’s a much smaller chance of this inkjet PIXMA iP90v printer breaking that the vast majority of other printers.

When it comes to portable printing I would say that Canon portable printer devices have really gone light years ahead of HP both in terms of specifications and reliability.

  • The simple truth is that most early portable printers were just inkjet printers given an optional battery addition and made more compact.  They weren’t designed to be moved around, if you moved around a stationary printer such as by Canon in the same way you did a mobile device then believe me you’re going to break it.

Its taken years of adaptations and modifications for Canon to come up with a portable printer which could really encompass the durability and reliability of mobile devices which we’ve come to expect as being completely reliable – even if we drop them or drown them (sometimes).

Canon has genuinely achieved a significantly higher level of portability and reliability with its latest two printers, many of its former BubbleJet printers were still reasonably good.  One of which was actually years ahead at its time in terms of being somewhat of a ‘printer survivor’ – the Canon BJC-80.

This little printer easily lasts people 3-5 years, against many of Canon’s former (and some of HP’s current) designs which lasted only 1-3 years before several faults such as with the paper feeding mechanisms or regarding the inkjet portable printer’s moving parts caused disaster.

Now for the Downsides…


Even though I think that this is an incredible printer I still do need to point out the flaws.  Whereas with other printers they can be as harsh as, ‘it doesn’t work and breaks after one year maximum’ these are going to be more relative to how good the actual printer is.  Unfortunately I can’t point out many gaping flaws because the truth is there aren’t really any massive ones, but there are a few niggles I’ll point out.

To start with the ink cartridge’s are both expensive and limited in how much they can actually print out.  This is can raise the costs of using the printer quite substantially, especially if you want to use your PIXMA iP90v to print out those glossy photo quality holiday pictures.

Another fault which occurs in this printer but doesn’t in Canon’s latest mobile printer is with regards to the ink heads drying out.  Now I just want to say this isn’t particularly Canon’s fault but it’s something which needs to be pointed out, and if you’re an experienced printer user this will seem like a very obvious problem to avoid.

But everyday I read a number of comments and reviews by people saying that the whole thing is useless because the ‘print heads dried out after a few months of no use’.  Well what do you expect?  This is an issue endemic throughout most travel printers as well as stationary printers, it’s absolutely nothing new and shouldn’t be treated as such.  However to ignore it would be unfair and although it takes around 2-4 weeks for these print heads to dry out (which is much longer than most companies’ earlier models) it’s still an annoying issue.

Summary of the iP90v


If I’m being honest I couldn’t find anything much wrong with this printer and I felt I had to pick out really small issues which are applicable to the vast majority of wireless portable photo printer devices.

It’s really great, it’s not the best and because of this the only reason it’s worth buying is if you can get a working model second hand.  But otherwise it’s genuinely the second best portable inkjet printer in the world at the moment.  This takes into account price, core and secondary functionalities, portability and as importantly reliability.  Recommended.


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