PIXMA iP90v Photo Inkjet Printer Review

The Canon PIXMA iP90v is a photo cable inkjet printer and it’s Canon’s number two in their portable printer division.  It’s one of the best in the world.  Find out more below.

Before we get into the review, if you’re looking for the best possible device than Canon’s iP100 inkjet photo printer is what you should be checking out.

Otherwise for everything to do with portable printers then Canon’s inkjet portable printer page with concise follow through guides is what you’ll want.

Canon iP90v Bluetooth Capable Photo Printer

Canon iP90v Bluetooth Capable Photo Printer

Its print resolution for color is 4800 x 1200 dpi which puts it on par with HP’s best and half the resolution of the iP100 – its replacement.  To put this in perspective for people who aren’t printer nerds like me, that kind of resolution figure is easily enough to print out perfect photographs.  Any higher than that you can consider supercharged, but this will be enough for any type of photograph that you’ll want to print out.

It prints very quickly for a mobile inkjet photo printer at around 16 pages per minute monochrome (black and white) at its fastest speed (draft mode) and 12.7 ppm at standard speed.  When it comes to color printing it whips out text and graphics at 12ppm in low quality and 7.2 at standard quality.  When it comes to utilizing its high resolution print out capabilities you can expect a 81 second wait time for standard quality.  These printing speeds are quite fast – obviously they’re not close to the speeds which stationary inkjet/laser printers achieve, but it’s very simply a price that you’ve got to pay when you’re paying for the mobility that’s on offer.

When it comes down to it you’re getting a fantastic device in terms of both mobility and printing capabilities.  If you were to compare it to any desktop printing device then obviously it’s going to come out on the bottom, but this is a compromise product.  It’s a compromise between a reasonable price (around 200 dollars), reasonable specifications and finally its more than reasonable transportability options.

It’s very compact and weighs a mere 1.8kg which is practically nothing and makes it very lightweight.  This is capable of fulfilling all of your business or leisure needs, whether you want to print of a glossy photo-quality business card or two to impress a client.  Or whether you want to whip our 20 sheets in draft mode in just a few minutes, the PIXMA iP90v Photo InkJet Printer can definitely handle it – no problem.  Color charts in pleasingly high resolutions as well as wireless capabilities such as infrared and Bluetooth make this incredibly versatile.

It’s compact enough to fit inside a laptop bag along with your laptop, you could purchase your own bag for it if you so wish – overall it’s the perfect companion for everything you need.

I do have some criticisms of course but they relate more to what comes with this portable photo printer, because the truth is that it doesn’t arrive truly wireless or mobile in either sense of the word.  You need to make sure you purchase a specific Bluetooth adapter if you want to use that data transfer method, or you’ll simply be stuck having to use usb 2.0.  I personally consider something portable when it has its own battery and doesn’t need to be connected to AC power – and in this situation it doesn’t arrive with the battery and that’s one hundred dollars you’ll have to pay out to get a replacement.

When it comes to the actual device I don’t really have any criticisms, it’s reliable and its specifications are very good – on par with HP’s best as I said earlier.  Overall it’s a good purchase, and seeing as it’s a little dated nowadays there’s a good chance you may be able to get one at a discounted price.  Websites such as Ebay and Amazon have these kinds of offers, and you’ll also most likely be able to find a Bluetooth adapter at a fraction of the price so that’s something else you’ll have to look out for.

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