Photo Printing with a Mobile Inkjet Printer

Printing Photographs using Portable Inkjet Printers

You’ll find that surprisingly photo printing is not only possible but far higher than people expect it to be.  Printing out regular lab-quality photographs at 4 by 6 inch size is easily possible, and you shouldn’t expect any decrease in quality.

If you’re interested in learning more, then we suggest you check out our page on portable photo inkjet printing.

There are just two resolution figures that you’ll get, assuming you’re buying a device that was made in the last 8-9 years.

  • The Canon iP100 is capable of 9600 x 2400 dots per inch resolution.
  • All other photo-capable printers are set at 4800 x 1200 dpi.

The figures given are the devices at their maximum settings, which you should be printing at if you want the photographs which are up to the quality you expect.

You can expect to wait around 1-2 minutes at least for a regular 4 by 6 inch photograph to be printed in best quality.  This time duration is for the best photo printers out there, and the older the device and the larger the picture the longer the time taken.  The longest time duration I’ve seen is 6 minutes.

Problems with Photo Printing

There are a few reasons why your printer may not be capable of creating photographs properly:

  • The most obvious is if you’re buying an old device which is still ‘photo’ capable, most of them cannot print photographs at the high quality you can expect modern devices too.
  • If there’s a problem with the inkjet head, which is far more common than people think because mobile printers are more susceptible to damage – especially their moving parts.
  • If you run out of color ink you’re going to have issues, just remember printing 4800 x 1200 (or even higher!) is a real ink guzzler.  Don’t expect to print of more than a dozen or so photographs from a standard cartridge.

Choosing a Mobile Photo Printer

You’ll find that all inkjet devices by Canon and HP that have been produced in the last 8-9 years are going to be able to print high resolution photographs.

  • The only reason your device wouldn’t be able to print them out is if it’s a thermally based device and not an inkjet one.

Here at WPP we suggest going with Canon because their best printer (the iP100) has double the resolution of all competitors.

  • On the other hand, this is a waste of ink for a comparably very small difference, most people won’t care about this kind of miniscule difference in the amounts of dots in an inch,
    • which in my honest opinion starts to become undetectable when figures start getting this high.

If you need help picking a printer we suggest you visit our company’s homepage WPP and from there you can choose either Canon or HP.

If you want to learn more about inkjet/thermal technology, you can also use the above link because there are directions for whatever you need all from our homepage.

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