Find out about Photo Portable Printer

I think that a photo portable printer is probably one of the least useful items I’m going to write about on my website for a variety of reasons.

People go on holidays and take pictures of their precious moments so that they can be safely stored and enjoyed for generations to come.  The reality is though that you can wait until you get back home until you print of the pictures, and in my opinion there’s very little need to be able to print of your photos while on the go.

Clearly though since such items exist there are people that disagree with me, and it’s very possible that they’re correct in their reasoning to purchasing such a device.  A good example would be of a family that had a regular (if not aging) printer which couldn’t print photos particularly well.  This same family travels a lot and instead of buying a new printer entirely chooses a specialized travelling version that is again a specialist in printing photos.  In probably would be cheaper and more useful in this case to find a mobile inkjet photo printer as opposed to purchasing a whole new desktop printer.

The point I’m trying to make though is that these printers are only worthwhile in rare situations.  Mobile printers have a market because they’re useful for work as well as around the house.  If someone needs a printer then they can go and get it from their parent’s room.  On the other hand having a specialized photo portable printer seems wasteful.  There simply isn’t any need and little use for this type of a gadget as little more than a novelty.

The PIXMA iP90v Photo Inkjet Printer is a really great example of a powerful photo printer which is based upon inkjet technology, and although its replacement the iP100

Some people say that items such as wireless portable printers are little more than novelties with little practical use.  I’d urge these same people to find practical use of a photo portable printer.

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