Thermal Printers Utilizing Paper Rolls

People don’t tend to actually know much about thermal printers, let alone those which are portable (with a battery), so I’m going to go over one of the advantages of the thermal rolls which they use and how this combines to enhance their mobility aspect even more.

If you want a printer to work on whilst travelling then making it as portable as possible is key, thermal technology devices are the most portable for a lot  of reasons.

  • They’re lightweight, smaller and more reliable… which makes them very popular – but their internal paper stored is one aspect which is commonly overlooked.

If you don’t think these kinds of printers are for you, you can use WPP’s homepage to utilize our various guides to find the device you have in mind.

Brother PocketJet 6 Thermal Paper

Thermal paper is always stored in rolls

We could write a book on the main reasons why they’re more transportable, but this post is about how their thermal paper, how it’s used and its benefits.

To start with all thermal paper is stored in rolls as opposed to reams, you’ll have seen it yourself at cashier’s tills or receipt printers.

When it comes to mobile printing which utilize thermal technology you’ll find that it’s actually stored within the device.  Immediately there are big advantages to this with regards to their transportability.

  • To start with it means you don’t need the large area required to carry around reams of paper.
  • You don’t have to worry about your paper getting crumpled or damaged.
  • You don’t have to feed your paper through individually, or get it out of your bag – it’s pure hassle reduction.

This means it’s just one less thing to worry about, and this makes a big difference to people who want to be carrying as little as possible.  If you combine this with the devices not needing ink because they use heat power then you’re talking about even more portability.



One of the downsides is that the paper can come out curled in some cases, it can be flattened relatively easily, but if you don’t have the time this may be an issue.

It’s also twice as expensive as inkjet paper, which shouldn’t actually put you off because they don’t use ink and that’s by far the biggest cost over time.

If you have an outdated model then you may find it hard to get that specific model’s paper rolls bought since when devices are stopped being produced their paper production becomes limited in some cases.

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