Monochrome Printing using Thermal Technology

I’m writing this article to clear up the misconception of color and monochrome (black and white) printing using thermal printers.

Firstly, if you’re interested in learning more about thermal technology mobile printer page.

Secondly you’ll find that by fast the vast majority of printers based on this type of technology are monochromeonly.

  • The only color which is possible is red, this is achieved by heating the thermal paper at two different temperatures.

There’s no such things as thermal printers which are mobile and capable of ‘usually’ printing color, there’s only red.

  • Even though printing red is possible, it’s very infrequently used because it’s just one color – it’s mainly used to identify when the device’s thermal paper roll has nearly run out.

What to Expect in terms of Resolution for Monochrome printing


One thing that people seem to think is that because commercial thermal technology (such as you find in receipt printers and cashier’s tills) prints to poor resolutions that the same will be true of consumer based devices.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Now admittedly they’re not as clear as inkjet devices, but the truth is that 200-300 dots per inch is perfectly fine in terms of resolution.

  • Most modern devices are more than capable of producing crisp black and white text.

Don’t expect any color printing at all, even red.  Even though red is technically possible it’s not used at all.

Thermal Printers are for Working



It tends to be the case that thermal monochrome printer technology devices are synonyms with work printers because they’re only capable of standard monochrome text printing.

  • They are capable of printing images, but just remember these will be black and white also.

These black and white a4 mobile printers are mainly aimed at office workers, businessmen or students who need serious work printing.

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