Mobile Wireless Inkjet Photo Printer – high resolution photos, wireless access

One of the great things about having a portable printer which is wireless and based on inkjet design is that it can print high quality photographs to a level which most people simply don’t expect.  Find out more below.

One thing which you’ll find out when you look further into the topic of wireless mobile portable printers which are transportable are that for most people the only real option to go for are inkjets.  There is the alternative of thermal based devices and these are smaller and more lightweight – but they come at the cost of core specifications such as printing speeds and resolution figures.  Most people don’t need mobility on this level and hence are not willing to sacrifice vital aspects of the device in order to achieve it, which is why they choose inkjet based devices.

Most people expect these Bluetooth inkjet mobile photo printers to be unable to print of photographs and are pleasantly surprised to find that most have resolution figures of 4800 x 1200 dots per inch which allows high resolution photographs to be printed out.  Most also allot a wide variety of different photo card sizes to be printed allowing as small as business cards or full size letter/A4 sizes to be printed out with ease.  This really opens up the device as not just being a novelty or a toy which can only handle basic tasks and is bought purely for its portability.  It makes it a serious contender amongst stationary printers because it serves its function as a multi-function device that can whip out crisp black text, photographs or colors at a whim much on par with its desktop counterparts.

Now the truth is that admittedly the specifications of a portable inkjet printer won’t be as good as stationary devices, but when you consider both the various wireless and transportability options you’ll be able to see right away that for plenty of people they’ll be very useful.

Looking at them from purely a wireless perspective all of the devices produced within the last 5-6 years support Bluetooth.  This arrives externally in the case of the inkjet devices in the form of either a USB dongle or a Compact Flash card.  If you can then get the card because it’s a much better option both aesthetically and functionally.  It looks better than having a dongle sticking horizontally out the side and you also much reduce the chance of accidently knocking it out and breaking it and potentially the entire device.

Ultimately mobile printers are not as transportable as people would allow you to believe and inkjet designs are especially bulky.  They weigh on average between 4-6 pounds and their dimensions are similar to that in size of a small notebook apart from being perhaps twice as thick.

Their wireless options are very good and you will always be able to have Bluetooth connectivity, in many cases WiFi and infrared too.  Although most people won’t be using infrared and a lot of people want printing where they’re not tethered to wireless access points I’m sure you can see the merit in having both.

Although they’re not as movable as some people would like that doesn’t mean they’re a massive burden, it just means you can’t fit them in a deep pocket like thermal printers.  However if you want to carry it around with you while you’re going to the airport, leave it in your car or minimize times when you’re having to exert yourself carrying the weight and putting up with a somewhat bulky device then you’ll be more than happy with what they offer both in terms of specifications, capabilities and transportability.

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