Mobile printers with usb using thermal technology

I’m most commonly asked about thermal printers which are mobile and capable of usb interface connections.  I’ll put your mind at ease right away and say that… every single one allows for standard usb transfer.

To start with if you’re unfamiliar on the advantages (and disadvantages) of thermally based printers designed for mainly work only purposes whilst travelling then finding out whether it’s the right printer technology for you should be your first priority.

If you already recognize their advantages and have applied them to your specific requirements then bravo becayse most people are unable to.

Brother PocketJet 6 Thermal Printer 3

Brother's PocketJet range is the best option for mobile printers like this one above

There are number of benefits which usb based thermal printers have, but the first one probably isn’t as obvious as you think.  We believe their number one benefit is that they allow Bluetooth dongles to be used which allow for wireless printing if you so choose.

Some devices such as the PrintStik by PlanOn which is a thermal printer as well as Brother’s PJ range allow for internal Bluetooth adapters.

Just remember that only thermal technology allows internal adapters (there’s just one exception to this being HP’s OfficeJet 100), but overall you’ll find that 99% only allow for external adapters.

For most people usb interfaces are fine and the wireless option isn’t necessary, however it certainly offers a few advantage aside from the obvious wireless connectivity.

  • Firstly they allow for other mobile devices which use Bluetooth to be able to print from your printer.  So let’s say you have a BlackBerry or one of the many smart phones available, you can simply active the Bluetooth and print right away.

If this doesn’t sound useful because you don’t think you’ll use it then imagine this…

  • Instead of taking out your laptop, all you have to do is whip out your phone and send the documents (which you’ve stored on the cloud for example) to your printer.
  • You don’t have to start up the laptop, you don’t have to remember the usb cable (or have to bother storing it and carrying it).
  • But most importantly it means all you need is your printer which is tiny, and your phone – and that’s all you need to print of what you need.

What if you’re printing of the same documents and giving the to different people?  Can you imagine how useful it would be to not have to carry a laptop around – and merely have to take out your smartphone, access the documents on the cloud and then send them to your printer.

Sure… not everyone’s going to find this useful, but there’s certainly a segment of people that will find it far more beneficial that just saving a few minutes and a little bit of effort.

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