Mobile Printers Which Will Work with the iPad

Congratulations.  “what for?” I hear you think to yourself.  For finding this page.  This page explained which mobile printers will work with the iPad – and which won’t.  Why is this a big deal?  If you don’t know that it’s a big deal then go ahead and leave, favourite this page and then get lost and later when you ‘get it’ you can return.  If only it was as simple as a quick Google search to find out which mobile printer can work with the iPad – it just isn’t that simple.

Why isn’t is that simple Scotty?

Well to start with Lord Vader, printing from the iPad is only possible via AirPrint or ePrint.  If you don’t have a printer which is compatible with both or just one of these software options then basically… you’re screwed.  The reason you may think you’re screwed is because you browsed Amazon and HP’s and Canon’s product websites and found out that the portable printers you wanted were not capable of AirPrint or ePrint and therefore came to the initially correct conclusion that mobile printer cannot work with the iPad 1, 2 or 3.

Why can’t mobile printers work with the iPad?


I could drone on and on and on (and believe me I do tend to) but the simple fact is that mobile inkjet printers are released every 4 or 5 years.  Canon’s iP100 was released about 4 years ago and HP’s latest OJ 100 was released around 2 years ago.  To put it simply they’re just too old.  If you’re locked on my specifically phraseology with regards to mobile ‘inkjet’ printers then I suggest you pursue it no further.  The only other mobile printers are thermal based devices and none of these have WiFi (they only have Bluetooth and USB transfer options) and hence won’t work with the iPad.  The PocketJet 6 Plus is the latest and best thermal mobile printer available – and you can find out why the PocketJet 6 won’t work with the iPad here.

It would appear that we’re now in what some may refer to as a conundrum.  You have an incredibly lightweight and mobile tablet computer and you want an equally lightweight and mobile printer to match.  Ahhh, what to do, huh?

WiFi mobile printers will work with the iPad


Essentially, and I could have said this four hundred words ago but I’ve chosen to enlighten you, perhaps, you need a mobile printer which can use Wifi.  Only a mobile printer with WiFi can work with the iPad.  The iPad requires you to function via AirPrint or ePrint and these are specifically for WiFi only wireless connection – as in not Bluetooth.  This means that you need two things.  You need a printer which can utilize WiFi plus you need to purchase and install the correct printer application onto your iPad.  This will allow a previously incompatible printer to use AirPrint or ePrint.  They cost around 20 bucks.

It’s not my fault that Bluetooth doesn’t work.  Believe me, I want it to work.  That would be so goddamn awesome.  Could you imagine just chilling out in a field playing on your iPad, seeing a beautiful flower, taking a picture of it and then printing it then and there.  Nope, I couldn’t either – but the imagery is cool.

The reality however is that you’ll be at a client’s house or business and then in an attempt to look professional you’ll print of a receipt or work list or some other thing which real business people do.  It’ll look cool, especially if you just whip out printer right out of your car.  I actually saw a video on YouTube where a guy bought an AirPrint printer, stuck it in his car, and then set up mobile wireless network.  How does that even work?  Believe me I’ve got no idea, but then I’m good at making websites and I know way too much about printers – but understanding the fundamentals of how routers and the internet works?  Beyond me.

If you’re wondering whether it would be easier to simply get a USB cord or Bluetooth to print from your iPad then I’ve gotta just tell you now that it’s impossible.  Sorry it just is.  I wish you could just plug it all in and expect it work.  It should.  It really should.  They both have the USB ports and the mobile printer is functional it’s simply the fact that Apple’s operating systems are incredibly prohibitive.  Which may be just about fine if they’d gotten one of their lackeys like HP or Canon to pull together an AirPrint or ePrint enabled printer… but they haven’t.  At all.  Basically it sucks until they finally get around to doing what they should have done back when people still cared.

What would I do?


I’d give Apple the finger, that’s what I’d do.  There’s no doubt that their products are damn sexy and they’re damn cool too.  But the reality is that everyone’s on their level, if not above it now.  I don’t even have an iPad by the way I just have a brain.  I’m actually going to purchase the ASUS Transformer Prime very soon.  That bad boy is an iPad killer.  I mean serious, check it out, it’s amazing and plus I can even operate my websites on it too.

Its screen is more beautiful, better speakers, faster processor, bigger screen plus a fully operation cover keyboard.  That’s not just cool that’s so useful.  At the moment I’m living in China and I’d love to be able to travel through it, take some pictures on my ASUS Transformer (oh its camera is better too) as well as some videos, and then upload them right to my blog then and there – plus I’d be able to write blog posts too.  That’s super cool.  Apple’s trash.  I only discovered how to get iPads to print to mobile printers because this websites makes me some dollars.  Yeah that’s right.  I said it.  I can do and write what the heck I want cause I own it, I own this, yeah.  Super cool.  So yeah, basically mobile printing from the iPad is a hassle, it’s a little complicated, it’s expensive and the iPad’s kind of trash anyway.

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